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This festive month is all about socializing with your loved ones, good food and of course gifts. More and more people find it important to give and receive sustainable gifts. Be kind to others but also to the environment by giving a sustainable and organic beauty gift! We have in this article the best sustainable beauty gifts listed for you. With these natural cosmetic gifts, beauty is really clean.

When is a gift sustainable?

A sustainable gift is an honest gift. To determine whether a gift is really sustainable, you can ask yourself the following questions. Are natural, organic materials or ingredients used for the gift? Are the raw materials extracted in a fair way? Is the gift fair trade? Is there a charity linked to the proceeds? In other words, a sustainable, natural beauty gift is good for people, the environment and society!
A sustainable gift is not only about the product, but also about the packaging. For example, is it recycled or even circular? If you want to wrap your gift sustainably, it is better not to use wrapping paper. Did you know that there are many original and fun alternatives to gift wrapping? Read on quick.
Natural cosmetics gift

The best sustainable beauty gifts

At Flow Cosmetics we believe that effective and sustainable products can only be made with consciously selected, high-quality ingredients. We feel responsible for the environment, towards our customers and towards ourselves. Our cosmetics are not only effective, they are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. Animal testing free and in recyclable packaging. We manage the entire production, from raw material to shipping, so that we can be sure that this is done in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.
To make it easy for you, we offer a few sustainable beauty gifts as a nice package. These gift sets contain cosmetic products that are precisely matched, good for body and mind. A conscious gift to really surprise someone.

Sustainable beauty gift packages

Body Care gift set A sustainable gift package with an aromatherapy soap bar and Body Butter bar of your choice
Refresh Beauty gift set A refreshing sustainable gift package with stimulating and detoxifying Body Scrub Cocolemon and vitamin-rich Body Butter Marigold.
Renew Beauty gift set A luxurious and sustainable gift package with revitalizing Body Scrub Tourmaline and vitamin-rich and soothing Organic Shea Butter.
Relieve Beauty gift set A relaxing sustainable gift package with stress-relieving Body Scrub Amethyst and vitamin-rich and soothing Organic Shea Butter

A Zero Waste gift from Flow, that's fair!

Flow's environmentally friendly and plastic-free cosmetics are 100% Zero Waste, vegan and not tested on animals. Not now and never not. They only contain ingredients that are truly pure, organic, wild grown or ecocert certified. A good example of a Zero Waste gift is, for example, a natural shampoo bar. This means you no longer have to use plastic bottles and a cosmetics bar also lasts much longer because you don't need much of it.

For our cosmetics we use recyclable packaging without plastic. We only use green transport and our Zero Waste gift range consists only of organic and cruelty-free cosmetics. We have found a way to produce sustainable cosmetics that do not harm nature or challenge our biodiversity. We don't just talk - we promise. We follow our hearts and reflect our values ​​in transparent actions.

Original environmentally friendly alternatives to gift wrapping paper

Gift wrapping is not exactly environmentally friendly and actually not necessary at all. We prove this with the five environmentally friendly alternatives to gift wrapping below.

1. Use an environmentally friendly gift box

Would you like to give one of Flow's natural and organic products as a gift? Then you can add a gift box to your order. This durable giftbox is made of FSC certified cardboard and can be reused or recycled in the paper bin. In addition, every gift box sold supports the activities of the Plastic Soup Foundation.

2. Shipping materials and old wrapping paper

Save shipping materials such as boxes, plastics and bags that you receive by mail with your order. You can decorate it yourself with beautiful images from magazines, rope or ribbon. Keep wrapping paper from previous gifts you received. You can then use this in good weather during the holidays.

3. "Paper Here"

In fact, you can use the entire contents of your waste paper bin to wrap gifts in an original way. Think of newspapers, magazines and advertising material. You can make this extra personal with stamps, craft materials or drawings. Cut strips from the paper to use as a bow or ribbons.

4. Textile

With clothes that you no longer use, you can wrap gifts perfectly. And if you are really creative you can also embroider something on it yourself. The Japanese folding technique furoshiki makes packing a true art. It is very nice when you see that someone has done their best for a present. It's easier than you think!

5. Road maps

With the advent of navigation, we actually no longer use road maps. And yet many people still have these at home. Ideal to use as gift wrapping paper. Environmentally friendly, original and also looks very nice.

In other words, no more reason to give a gift that is unnecessarily harmful to the environment. Choose one quickly sustainable gift from our sets or combine yourself with beauty products from us extensive organic and natural range.

Happy Holidays!

Zero waste gift

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