Conditioner Bar & Natural Conditioner In the Spotlight

We zijn er trots op dat we 100% Zero waste en natural conditioners produceren. Wij vinden dat het tijd is voor een nieuwe generatie natuurlijke conditioners, daarom zijn onze formules vrij van siliconen en quat. Biologische haarproducten ontwarren het haar effectief en maken het net zo glad als professionele haarproducten.

Natural Conditioner

We are already a fan. Do you try them too?

Natural conditioner & hair mask coconut milk

This creamy and velvety natural hair mask and conditioner has an intensive nourishing effect due to coconut milk, coconut oil and argan oil, which are rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. These three ingredients give the hair shine and detangle the hair while maintaining volume.
We only use 100% pure ingredients, so the products are not diluted. This means that every gram of the product contains intensive care and moisturizing ingredients. Your hair will look fantastic!
The powerful herbal ingredients strengthen the hair follicles and the hair shaft from which the hair grows. The conditioner contains vegetable fatty alcohol that does not dry out the hair like other forms of alcohol.

Conditioner bar

Our intensive conditioner bar is formulated with cold-pressed hemp oil and provides intensive care for the hair. The conditioner bar is smaller in size than the shampoo bar, because the product is economical to use. The conditioner bar nourishes the hair, closes the hair scales after washing and makes the hair shiny and soft.
Maybe you wonder if a conditioner bar will last? One conditioner bar contains more than double the amount of the active ingredient compared to the hair mask. So you only have to apply very little for a good result. 

Conditioner bar is easy to use

And it is suitable for daily use. Rub the bar in your hands like a soap and apply the product on your head. You can also apply the bar directly to your head. Use the conditioner bar like any other conditioner after the shampoo bar. Let it withdraw for a while, then it can be flushed out.
It took a while for Flow Cosmetics to develop a conditioner bar that we can proudly sell. Previously, quaternary ammonium compounds had to be used in the production of conditioner bars. These end up in the sewer and are bad for the environment. Only now that we have found a way to avoid these quats do we introduce our conditioner bar. 
We are very curious what you think of our new natural conditioners!
Conditioner bar from Flow Cosmetics

Did you know?

 Our organic shampoo bars zijn handgemaakt met biologische plantaardige oliën, kruiden en essentiële oliën. De shampoo bar zijn vrij van conserveermiddelen zoals bekende als SLS, MIT & MI en parabenen. Maar ook van alle andere conserveringsmiddelen! Myour hair may feel a little rough after washing. Especially with longer hair we recommend the use of a natural conditioner bar.

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