What is your skin tone; warm or cool undertone?


Foundation is ideal for creating an even skin and getting rid of imperfections such as discoloration or red spots. A blush brightens up your facial color, accentuates the contours and gives a healthy glow. Provided you choose the right color! Only the color that matches your skin tone ensures that your make-up looks unobtrusive, beautiful and natural.

Color choice can be difficult, especially when purchasing make up online. But not if you know what color type your skin has. After reading this article you will know exactly your undertone and which make up color best suits your skin tone!

What undertone does your skin tone have?

An undertone of the skin is different from your skin color. The undertone of your facial skin always remains the same. Also with sun discoloration or skin problems such as acne or rosacea. Your undertone is warm, cool or neutral and shines through your skin. If you use a foundation or blush that doesn't suit your skin tone, your face will look too orange, pink, or red. Your face color may also appear dull.

Reason enough to find out what undertone your skin tone has. So from now on you always choose a make-up color that neutralizes and improves the tone of your skin.

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Easily determine the undertone of your skin tone with this test!

Do you not know what undertone your skin color has, or do you have doubts about the purchase of your foundation color? After the test below, you will know which make up colors best suit your face color. Use natural light for the test and make sure your face is clean. Your skin may be slightly redder after washing or showering, so wait XNUMX minutes before testing. You can then more easily determine the right undertone.

1. Look at the color of the veins on your wrist

Viewing your blood vessels is an easy way to determine what undertone your skin tone has. Do your veins look blue / purple? Then you have a cool undertone. Are they more green? Then you have a warm undertone. If you can't really tell which color your veins are showing through, you probably have a neutral undertone.

2. Hold a white paper near your face

Look in the mirror with a stark white paper next to your face. When your skin appears pink or bluish, you have a cool undertone. If your skin appears yellowish, peachy, or pale next to the paper, you have a warm undertone. With a neutral undertone you will not see a yellow or pink tint in your face color. Olive skin can appear greyish in addition to white. Your undertone is probably also neutral.

3. How does your skin react to the sun?

If you tan easily and don't burn easily, you have a warm or neutral undertone. If you skin quick bandage in the sun and it takes a long time to tan, you have a cool undertone. There are exceptions; dark skin does not burn quickly but can still have a cool undertone.

4. Which color jewelry suits you best?

Are you going for silver or gold? When silver jewelry looks best, you have a cool undertone. Gold jewelry has a warm undertone. When your skin looks good with silver and gold, you have a neutral undertone.

Tips for choosing the right make-up color

So, a warm skin tone has yellow undertones, while a cool skin tone has pink undertones. Based on this, you choose the right color foundation, powder or blush. Do you have a neutral undertone? Then you are lucky! Both cool and warm shades in the color spectrum match your facial color.

Color advice with a warm or cool undertone

To keep it easy, the natural make-up from Korento classified in warm and cool colors. For the Serum foundation en Cream Foundation you can choose from 'Cool' or 'Warm' depending on your undertone. Then you choose the number based on your skin tone. These are ascending; 01 for very light skin tones and 04 for medium skin tones.

Choosing the right make-up color

Revitalizing natural cream foundation that evens the complexion and blurs imperfections. For a velvety soft and natural make-up look. 

Cream Foundation 


A must-have shade for your handbag Korento Tint. This soft, creamy and vitamin-rich formula can be used on both your lips and cheeks. A wonder product for a beautiful and healthy look. With a cool undertone, choose from the Cranberry (intensely toned red) or Rasberry (soft berry color). If you have a warm undertone, Poppy (bright red) or Roshehip (slightly muted rose red) is best. For a vegan shade, choose Heather (light brown) for a cool undertone and Cloudberry (nude brown) for a warm undertone.

 cool undertone

Pigment-rich natural multi-purpose product for lips and cheeks.

Korento Lip & Cheek 


 You get a radiant and fresh color on your cheeks with Korento Liquid Blush. For a warm undertone, choose Pumpkin (peach color) and Raspberry (raspberry color) for a cool undertone.

warm undertone


Intensely moisturizing natural blush with light-reflecting pigments.

Korento Liquid Blush


With the right color, you can apply foundation or blush lightly or in several layers for better coverage and deeper color. Also not unimportant; Korento make-up skin care. And in addition, Korento is also completely ecological, in other words sustainable makeup

Powder, primer and highlighter for every undertone and color type

Choose for a matte and smooth skin that stays beautiful all day long Korento Botanical Setting Powder. It is transparent and therefore suitable for every skin color and undertone. The rose gold color of Korento Rose Quartz Highlighter suits every skin tone. This skin-caring (award winning) highlighter contains authentic rose quartz and light-reflecting pigments for a beautiful glow.

A primer is an ideal base to even out the tone of your skin. In addition, pores become less visible and your make-up stays in place all day. Skin nourishing Korento Soft Velvet Primer moisturizes the skin throughout the day.


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