bamboe uitschuifbare kabuki kwast
Bamboo retractable kabuki kwast
bamboe uitschuifbare kabuki kwast
Bamboo retractable kabuki kwast

Korento Extendable Kabuki

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Versatile retractable kabuki brush is ideal for applying both loose and compact make-up.

The silky soft and durable Korento retractable kabuki brush brings loose and compact make-up products, such as face powder, mineral powder, foundation, blush or bronzer perfectly on the face. Retractable kabuki brush can be used in two lengths. With the full length, the kabuki applies powder and blush evenly and with the short length it creates a smooth and covering make-up base.

Korento extendable kabuki Brush is suitable for;

  • Applying loose and compact make-up 
  • Demanding and professional use
  • To create a beautiful and natural make-up base
  • For all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Length 14 cm. In the sleeve 11.5cm

The luxuriously soft, high-quality vegan bristles ensure that retractable kabuki brush is suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive skin. The thick bristles of the Retractable kabuki brush are designed to soak up the ideal amount of product and leave it evenly on your face. The rounded corners guarantee an even, perfect make-up look.

There is nothing worse than opening your makeup bag and discovering your favorite brush broke down. This brush is travel safe, it is extendable and therefore easy to carry, and spreads the make-up evenly on the face. The retractable kabuki brush is made from sustainable bamboo. Easy to hold and feels firm in the hands. The ergonomic, round shape improves grip and gives perfect control over movements when applying make-up.

How do you use the Korento extendable Kabuki brush?

Adjust the Kabuki to the desired length, twist the brush into the product and gently shake off the excess makeup. Apply the product in circular, controlled movements and repeat until the desired result. 

Don't forget to wash your brush regularly. The brush collects make-up residues. By cleaning it regularly, the brush remains hygienic and products spread more easily. Cleaning make-up items and you keep it clean.

Korento kabuki brush is made of

The sleeve and handle are made from sustainable bamboo

The metal parts are made of recyclable metal

Vegan bristles are nylon