Natural Body Scrubs

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      Our body scrubs add luxury to your skin care regimen

      Our aromatherapeutic and natural body scrub pamper the skin and mind. The unique products combine authentic aromatherapy that balances the energies of the body. The Himalayan crystal salt, tourmaline and amethyst ensure that the skin is exfoliated, cared for and cleansed. They remove dead skin cells without damaging the skin. This makes the skin silky and shiny.

      We offer three different body scrubs. Choose the stress-relieving Cocolemon body scrub, the moisturizing Body Scrub Cardamom Rose or for Body Scrub Vanilla Berry that balances the skin? 

      The products contain moisturizing and nourishing organic shea butter and organic coconut oil - this means you don't need a separate moisturizer after use. Our body scrub are ideal for the whole body, for hands and feet. If you are looking for a facial peeling, we recommend you Strawberry Milk mask 2: 1 to watch. 

      Body scrubs without plastic

      A frequently asked question about our scrubs is whether they are free of microplastics. We can proudly say “Yes!” to answers. Our scrubs only contain 100% organic and natural ingredients, so plastic is not on the list. All our products have Zero Plastic Inside certificate, including ours body scrub is without plastic made. ZThey are packaged in a beautiful completely plastic-free and recyclable packaging.

      Why body scrub to use

      Exfoliation of the skin is a cosmetic procedure that facilitates the removal of dead skin cells and other impurities from the skin surface. The skin naturally regenerates regularly approximately every 28 days - but due to constant exposure to environmental toxins, it is important to help regenerate the skin. Lack of regular skin care slows beneficial cell oxidation, causing the skin to lose its natural glow. Without regular exfoliating, the skin surface can become rough and become more sensitive to skin infections such as acne. 

      Regular use of the exfoliant in your beauty routine is an effective way to keep your skin healthy, elastic and hydrated. Exfoliating has several immediate and long-lasting effects on the condition of the skin. Immediate effects of exfoliating the skin; The skin is cleansed and dead cells are removed from the skin surface, the skin tone becomes brighter and the surface smoothes, the blood circulation of the skin surface is improved, other skin care products are better absorbed by the skin. Long-lasting effects of the body scrub; The skin regenerates and breathes better and wrinkles are reduced as the skin surface softens.