wooden hairbrush mini
Wooden hair brush

Wooden Hairbrush Mini

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Made from FSC-certified maple

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Maple wood hairbrush. This wooden mini brush is ideal for people whose hair needs gentle care. The brush detangles the hair easily and helps keep it healthy and shiny. It glides effortlessly through the hair without damaging, even on wet hair.  

Easy to use, even for little hands, and designed to last. Made of wood and natural rubber. The products are treated with natural oils and are also safe to use for babies and children. Its size makes it an ideal first hairbrush of your own! Suitable for conscious consumption.  

The natural materials prevent unnecessary damage to the hair and the brush also massages the scalp while brushing. Regular brushing with the wooden pins promotes scalp renewal and stimulates hair growth naturally. About three to five minutes a day is sufficient.  

Using the Wooden Hairbrush Mini  

This brush glides effortlessly through the hair without damaging it, even just after shampooing when the hair is still wet. Start brushing from the bottom and work your way up slowly. This makes it easier to untangle.  

Clean the brush regularly with warm water, mild detergent or soap. This way it will last a long time in use. After washing, let the brush dry horizontally, pins down. 

Made from FSC-certified maple

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