green clay face mask with mint
Natural face mask
Organic cosmetics
green clay face mask with mint
Natural face mask
Organic cosmetics

Cloudberry-Mint Face Mask Powder

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A face mask that cleanses and cleanses mixed and oily skin. The mineral-rich clay-based mask cleanses deeply, removes blackheads and leaves your skin clear and fresh. If you use the face mask regularly, you will prevent blackheads, reduce the visibility of pores and tighten the skin. You immediately have cleaner and clear skin.

Active ingredients

Green clay Mineral-rich, absorbs impurities and excess sebum from the skin. Balances the sebum production. Generates skin cells.

Rhassoul clay Mineral-rich, strong, cleansing.

Peppermint Reduces the appearance of pores, refreshes the skin.

Cloudberry Rich in vitamins C and E, it contains antioxidants that protect your skin from harmful factors. Antibacterial, prevents and cures inflammation. Promotes collagen production.

Nettle Treats various skin problems and prevents the secretion of excess sebum.

How to use

Put two teaspoons of powder and one teaspoon of water in a cup and stir into a soft substance. Apply to a clean face and leave it on for about ten minutes. Rinse with warm water. You can also use rose water or add a small amount of vegetable oil, a few drops of essential oil suitable for your skin type or add herbs, cream, yogurt, honey, etc. to the water. Do not apply the mask too close to the eyes. Use once or twice a week.

Extra information

For combination and oily skin

100% natural and vegan, contains no preservatives or emulsifiers, fewer ingredients, and therefore a smaller chance of skin irritations.

Easy to use

weight 60g


Montmorillonite (Mineral Clay), Moroccan Lava Clay (Clay), Rubus Chamaemorus Fruit Powder * (Cloudberry powder), Mentha X Piperita * (Peppermint), Urtica Dioica Herb * (Brandnettle)

* Wildly grown or certified, organic ingredient

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