Ingredients and production

The products of Flow Cosmetics

Are made with natural and organic ingredients
Are effective and aromatherapeutic
Are environmentally friendly and made with recyclable packaging
Do not contain microplastics
Do not contain palm oil
Contains no synthetic scents and dyes
Contains no parabens and other synthetic preservatives
Contains no mineral oils and petrochemicals
Contain no ethoxylated ingredients such as PEG
Contains no SLS, SLES and other surfactants
Have not been tested on animals
We produce natural cosmetics since 2004. The Flow products are produced in our small factory in Riihimäki, Finland. We also develop our own recipes there, so that we can check the process from the beginning. We have made the products our own, because we manage the entire production, from raw material to shipment. The products are made in rounded quantities and our stock is running at full speed. This means that we can always send you new, fresh products. 
Natural and handmade cosmetics

Organic and natural ingredientsgrafting

Clean, natural ingredients are important to us, because good products can only be made by using good ingredients. We carefully select what we need to make our products: certified organic ingredients as well as plants that grow wild in the clean north. Our goal in product development is to make products as natural as possible. The ratio of biologically developed or wild ingredients in our products is particularly high. Pure, natural ingredients are abundant with substances important to the skin, such as vitamins, antioxidants and good fatty acids.
We use certified ingredients whenever possible. In addition to a small amount of essential oils, all our plants are organic and certified. Our preservatives meet the requirements of the COSMOS standard for organic and natural cosmetics. Our  sustainable makeup products do not contain nanoparticles and the ingredients are approved by Ecocert. Flow Cosmetics is a member of the Finnish Natural Cosmetics association.
A large number of our products do not contain any preservatives. Every product that contains water needs a few ingredients to improve its preservation. That is why we have produced various water-free products. For example, our oil-based serums, body butter, facial oils, shampoo bars and soaps all contain no preservatives. Our face masks come in powder form and only come into contact with water when you apply the mask. In this way our products are well preserved without the use of preservatives.
Some products, on the other hand, cannot be made without preservatives, such as water-based emulsions and toner for the skin. We have chosen the best soft, natural preservatives for these products that have been approved by Ecocert. Preservatives can also be improved by packaging the product: our products are stored in dark glass bottles. The product is applied in a hygienic way by using a pump or spray.