We do it as sustainably as possible

At Flow Cosmetics we understand that we have a responsibility. To the planet, to our customers and to ourselves. Our entire brand ethos is that of course the best is: we stand for sustainability and we love clean ingredients, recyclable packaging, zero-wash, green supplies and animal-free cosmetics. We don't just talk - We promise you, we follow our heart and you will see our values ​​in our actions.

Clean ingredients

Clean, natural ingredients are important to us, and not just because they offer benefits to the skin. Clean ingredients do not harm nature. Every ingredient that we use on our body eventually ends up in the drain, where it eventually ends up in the sea. That is why at Flow we only choose ingredients that are absolutely safe for nature.

Recyclable packaging and zero-wash mindset

When choosing our packaging, we take into account the fact that it must ultimately be recycled. We use a lot of cardboard and glass, because these materials can easily be recycled. We have opted for plastic for some products, because this is the only material in which some products can be transported. When we choose plastic, this is always plastic that is suitable for recycling: Pure PS plastic or Pure LD-PE 4 quality plastic. Our plastic is always 100% BPA free.

Our recyclable packaging is made from


These packages can be put in the paper bin.


These packages can be reused and ultimately recycled with the metal. Did you know that metal is the most recycled packaging material?


Glass jars can be recycled, you throw them in the glass container.


The plastic packaging can go with the plastic household waste.

Ultimately, you as a consumer can make the difference. By choosing Flow products you choose products that take the environment into account. Always dispose of used packaging properly.

Our green stock

One of the reasons why customers choose Flow is our sense of responsibility towards nature. We therefore have no larger stock than necessary, so that products do not spoil before they reach the consumer. We like to work with delivery companies that are aware of nature, which is why we always opt for road transport.

Animal-proof cosmetics

All our products are not tested on animals. New products are tested by human volunteers, usually employees or family of employees. Both our raw materials and our products are always 100% animal-free.