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Natural body care from Flow Cosmetics

Why not spoil your skin with a bit of luxury every day? We believe that well-groomed, elastic and healthy skin is the most important beauty for both women and men. That is why we have created a wide range of delicious products for the care of your skin.

Our natural body care products are made to optimally care for and improve the body. We like to keep it simple: every product of our natural skin care is made with four key elements:

  1. They only contain nourishing plant extracts;
  2. They contain pure aromatherapeutic essential oils;
  3. The oils are vegetable and therefore vegan;
  4. All products are made with respect for nature.

In addition, our products create zero waste: all packaging is recyclable.

What does natural body care do for your skin?

The skin is your largest organ and to maintain its protective properties, it needs nutrients. The skin loves pure ingredients, such as vitamin-rich organic shea butter, hemp oil rich in omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, and salt from the Himalayas. The skin has many benefits of natural body care products - they contain precisely the right nutrients that regenerate the skin. In addition, these ingredients purify your skin and help remove toxins from the body.

Natural body care is therefore the best for every skin.

Every skin is different: dry, greasy or with eczema

Every skin is different, It is therefore important that you use the right products for your skin type.
Within our selection of natural body care you will find products for very sensitive and dry skin, for oily skin, for irritated or itchy skin, an atopic skin but also for the care of eczema or psoriasis.

We love challenges and developing the best product against eczema was one of the most difficult. Our hemp cream with shea butter is the result of this challenge. Very successful, if we say so ourselves. Every day we receive positive messages about this cream from the people who benefit enormously from it.

We also have natural body care products that are safe during pregnancy and products that are extremely child-friendly.

Scrub without microplastics

A frequently asked question about our scrubs is whether they are free of microplastics. We can proudly answer "Yes!" Our scrubs only contain 100% organic and

natural ingredients, plastic is therefore not on the list. Instead of microplastics, we use tourmaline powder, amethyst powder and Himalayan salt as an exfoliant.

Natural deodorant

Nobody is waiting for a smell of sweat. However, sweating is a natural way in which your body cleanses itself.

Traditional deodorants contain aluminum. This ensures that sweating is reduced, but waste also cannot leave the body. You won't sweat any less with our natural deodorants, but the smell of sweat will not fall away. Natural deodorant is easy to use, it does not stain clothing and it is skin friendly and effective. For the active people, athletes and people who sweat a lot, we recommend our Marigold deodorant. For people with very sensitive skin, or people who cannot tolerate baking soda on their skin, we recommend our Hemp deodorant.

Tip: before using the deodorant, wash your armpits with salt soap. Salt neutralizes the skin and removes bacteria from the skin, allowing the deodorant to do its job better.