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Apple cider vinegar hair rinse - Wild Nettle Hair Rinse

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Apple Cider Vinegar*, Nettle Extract*, Rosemary Extract*, Lavender Essential Oil*, Cedarwood Essential Oil*, Peppermint Essential Oil*, Limonene***, Linalool***


 * Wildly grown or certified, organic ingredient

** Ecocert or COSMOS approved ingredient

*** Appear in a natural way in essential oil

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A natural conditioner in the form of an apple cider vinegar hair rinse. Did you know that this way of hair care has been used in organic hair care for a long time? And that's not for nothing. It is one of the best ways to treat hair and scalp. With amazing results! For rinsing or washing your hair with apple cider vinegar, choose Wild Nettle Hair rinse. A natural conditioner with apple cider vinegar, wild nettle and rosemary. The combination of ancient natural wisdom in a modern jacket with the knowledge of today.

Why this natural conditioner?

Wild Nettle Hair rinse detangles, softens and gives natural shine to the hair. In addition, the natural conditioner can address and prevent various scalp problems. It balances the pH value of your scalp and keeps your hair vital and healthy. Several studies show that apple cider vinegar stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. For optimal results, use the apple cider vinegar hair rinse after a organic shampoo bar.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar hair rinse - Wild Nettle:

  • Cares for the hair and scalp in a natural way.
  • An oil-free, light formula that makes hair bouncy and provides volume.
  • Suitable for daily use, for all hair colors and hair types.
  • An ideal natural conditioner after using a shampoo bar.
  • Packs several scalp problems and conditions. Is good against an oily scalp (and therefore oily hair). Soothes irritated scalp, reduces dryness, dandruff and flakes.
  • Also suitable as a booster for curly girl method.
  • Helps keep hair color longer.
  • Lasts a long time, 20 to 40 times (250 ml).
  • Produced organically, vegan, plastic-free and climate-neutral.

The perfect natural conditioner due to these ingredients:

Wild Nettle natural conditioner is rich in vitamins and minerals in addition to apple cider vinegar. Such as vitamins C and B which are known for a conditioning effect on the hair. Added wild nettle and rosemary treat hair with antioxidants. At the same time, they protect against harmful external factors.

Apple cider vinegar has the property of closing your hair cuticles. This makes your fluffy hair smooth and shiny again. In addition, the hair is less prone to breakage and apple cider vinegar hair rinse helps hair cuticles retain more moisture. And that's not the only thing. Wild Nettle natural conditioner removes dead skin cells and has a stimulating effect on the scalp. And a healthy scalp is the recipe for healthy hair!

How do you use apple cider vinegar hair rinse Wild Nettle?

The natural conditioner is suitable for daily use, for all hair colors and hair types. For anyone who wants smooth and shiny hair. Apple cider vinegar hair rinse is especially beneficial for dry, sensitive and irritated scalps. Among other things, it helps with itching, flakes and scalp & hair that quickly becomes oily.

Shake the bottle well and then mix approximately 10-20ml of concentrated hair rinse in 100-200ml of warm water. Never use undiluted on hair. This organic hair care product has no less than four different applications:

1. As a natural conditioner

First wash the hair with your favorite shampoo bar. Then apply the hair rinse to towel-dried hair and leave on for 1 to 2 minutes. Finally, rinse with warm water. For dry hair ends, you may also use one hair mask dry hair as a conditioner.

2. Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar as a refresher

Is your hair not really dirty, but could it use a freshening up? Then apply the diluted hair rinse to wet hair and leave it on for 1 to 2 minutes. Finally, rinse with warm water.

3. Apple cider vinegar hair rinse for curls

After shampooing, apply the diluted product to damp hair and distribute evenly. Then leave it on for 2 to 5 minutes. Enhance the effect by gently squeezing the hair. Finally, rinse with warm water. More curls? Also use one natural hair mask as a conditioner

4. Apple cider vinegar for scalp problems

An apple cider vinegar hair rinse can be the solution for various scalp problems. Especially for a good balance of the scalp. Wash the hair with a matching shampoo bar and distribute the diluted hair rinse on the scalp. Then massage the product into the scalp and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. For best results, use this natural conditioner regularly, for at least two to three weeks.

For the ideal combination, combine natural conditioner with an organic shampoo bar:

  • Oily Scalp: shampoo bar tea tree
  • Dandruff and flakes: shampoo bar Hemp
  • Irritated Scalp: shampoo bar Rhassoul & Salt
  • For hair loss and thin hair: shampoo bar Beer & Oat Protein
  • To curl: shampoo bar Marigold 

A contact allergy to apple? Then pay attention; an apple cider vinegar hair rinse can trigger symptoms.


The glass bottle is allowed in the glass container. The cap is made of recyclable aluminum and can be disposed of with the metal.

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