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      Flow Cosmetics produces cosmetic products with the best and purest ingredients in the world. We believe in the power of nature, so the ingredients in our products are carefully selected. The main active ingredients in our products are pure arctic wild berries and herbs from the untouched Finnish forests. These berries are particularly effective in skin care due to the harsh conditions they grow in. As a result, these plants store many valuable substances, such as essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. These valuable substances make our products particularly effective.
      At Flow Cosmetics we produce effective, natural and organic cosmetics in a sustainable way - so you can enjoy the wonderful skin care products even more. Our range contains 101 pure, handmade, professional and natural animal cruelty-free beauty products with a beautiful and long-lasting effect. 59 of our products have completely plastic-free packaging.
      Each product in the Flow Cosmetics range contains only organic, wild grown or ecocert certified ingredients, which makes the products safe and healthy for nature and for us. Read more about our sustainable cosmetics.


      What does the Flow Cosmetics range contain?

      In the Flow Cosmetics range you will find natural basic care products for daily use, such as organic shampoo bars, natural conditioners en sustainable makeup. They are effective and easy to use - and guaranteed to last.

      We love our effective and internationally award-winning natural facial care Products. In our range you will find for almost every skin type the perfect care products.

      We're also happy to share how to properly combine our facial care products for the results your unique skin needs. Read all information about this on the skin type pages. Here you will find a sustainable skincare routine that is perfectly tailored to the needs of your skin type.

      Our natural skin care combine holistic and organic care - because we want our products to be much more than just high-quality skin care. All natural body butters and natural scrubs contain essential oils of therapeutic quality, which not only nourish the skin, but also the mind. You feel the therapeutic effect in your whole body and mind. 

      Radiant and healthy skin starts with good skin care, but your make-up is just as important. That is why our range includes skin care, natural make-up from Korento by as well as skin care Flow Cosmetics. The Korento Cosmetics make-up line contains 33 unique make-up products that are made according to sustainable values. They contain only pure, natural ingredients and are extremely suitable for professional use. The cosmetic products amaze make-up professionals with their high-performance and pigment-rich formula. What makes Korento so special? That's the added Berry Active Complex ™, a nutritious blend that makes the formulas skin care.
      We hope you enjoy using the natural beauty products from Flow Cosmetics and that you'll find your favorite products to use again and again - to let your skin glow in the most sustainable, natural way.