What to do with dry and chapped hands

Sometimes painful, dry and chapped hands is a typical winter ailment. With the inclement autumn weather approaching, it can cause or exacerbate dry hands. The frequent washing and disinfection during the corona crisis also demands a lot from the skin on our hands. This can lead to dry skin and even hand eczema. Dry skin is unpleasant, does not look good and gives an annoying, tight feeling. You no longer have to walk around with this because there is something to do about dry and chapped (corona) hands. What are dry hands, why is it and what helps with dry hands? Read more!

What are dry hands?

Dry hands can be recognized by wrinkled, chapped skin and tight feeling. This gets worse with frequent washing, dry air, and after showering or bathing. Other symptoms are:
  • Rough and painful skin
  • Cracks, cracks or fissures
  • Red spots
  • Flakes or peeling
  • Itching

How do dry hands occur?

Dry hands occur because the skin surface of your hands has to endure too much. Our hands have a different skin structure than the rest of our body. The inside of the hand consists mainly of greasy and connecting tissue, such as collagen and elastin. The skin on the outside of your hand is thin and sensitive, has virtually no greasy tissue and few sebaceous glands. Dry hands can be caused or aggravated by external and internal influences. Often it is a combination of these.

External causes of dry hands: 

  • Weather conditions; such as sun, temperature fluctuations and inclement weather.
  • Dry air, for example from heating or air conditioning.
  • Improper skincare, such as soaps that dry out your skin or creams with harsh, drying ingredients
  • Wash and disinfectant often
  • Manual labor; when your skin rubs against something
  • Chemicals, such as in cleaning products

Internal causes of dry hands:

  • An unhealthy diet
  • Too little fluid intake
  • Stress
  • Skin aging
  • Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis

Which care helps with dry hands?

Well-groomed hands are an important business card. And where would we be without our hands? We use them so often that proper care is indispensable. The care of your hands starts with a mild and natural soap. You really don't need harsh synthetic products to clean your hands. This removes some of the natural oil from your skin on your hands. This also includes the good bacteria and the protective layer. In addition, hydration and protection with a natural body butter very important against dry hands. Without a protective layer you are more susceptible to (Covid-19) infections.

natural soap against dry hands

Natural soaps

Ointment against painful dry hands

Propolis ointment is known for its antibacterial and healing properties, and it can indeed be useful in treating dry and sore hands. Propolis strengthens the barrier function and reduces itching, skin irritation and inflammation.

Ideal as a dry hands cream: natural body butter

Dry hands need a nourishing and protective greasy cream. A natural body butter is very suitable for this. This does not feel as sticky and greasy on your hands as olive oil does. Natural body butter Hemp is a perfect mixture of skin-nourishing substances such as omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids and vitamins C and E that, together with organic shea butter, soften, repair and protect your hands. Easy to carry in your handbag. If your hands are extremely dry, you can apply the intensively nourishing soap in the evening hemp butter, put on thin cotton gloves and go to sleep with them. The next morning your hands are soft and supple again!

oily dry hands cream

Body butter cream

Scrub against flakes for dry hands

Despite good care, do you still suffer from dry hands? Scrub your hands with a mild and natural one body scrub. The scrub removes dead skin cells and loose skin on your hands. When you do this regularly, the production of new cells is stimulated. Flow's natural scrub creams remove dead skin cells such as loose skin and flakes without damaging the skin on your hands. They contain moisturizing and caring organic ingredients shea butter and organic coconut oil. Combined with authentic aromatherapy and gemstones, which balance the body's energies. If you have very sensitive skin, it is better not to scrub too often.

scrub hands against flakes

Natural body scrubs

Six tips for (extremely) dry hands

Usually one extremely dry skin relatively easy to solve with good care and the tips below. If your hands become drier and it persists, contact your doctor or a dermatologist. You may be allergic to certain substances or suffer from an underlying skin complaint. Such as eczema or atopic dermatitis. Our natural Hemp body butter has been specially developed for the needs of dry and atopic skin and is even suitable as a hand cream for eczema.

Wash your hands with natural soap

When washing your hands, use a natural soap to prevent skin irritation as much as possible. Use lukewarm water instead of warm or hot water.

2. Lubricate, lubricate and lubricate again

Dry skin needs to be nourished and protected. With a natural and effective oily cream you give your hands the care they need. To prevent corona contamination, it is important that we wash our hands often. Reapply them immediately after every wash.

3. Wear gloves

Protect your hands with gloves. If you go outside in cold weather, but also, for example, rubber gloves when using cleaning products.

4. Dry well

Avoid hot air dryers found in public restrooms. These can dry out your hands considerably. It is also better to pat your hands dry instead of rubbing.

Drink plenty of water

Hydrate your skin not only from the outside but also from the inside by drinking a lot. And then of course no alcoholic drinks or coffee because this dries out more.

6. Humid environment

Ensure good humidity in your house, for example by opening the windows opposite each other every day or putting a bowl of water on the heater. This helps against dry air.

In this corona time, disinfectant is widely used to prevent contamination via the hands. In most cases these products contain alcohol. This dries out your skin on your hands even more and damages your natural skin barrier. Especially when you work in healthcare, you cannot avoid this. Then read this too tips especially for healthcare professionals about what to do with dry hands or hand eczema.

eczema hands

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