Don't forget your most important protection

As a woman, I think holistic self-care is really important: Special evenings with a girlfriend, balanced food, enough sports, good sleep .. and skin care.

You may know that the skin is the largest organ of the body and the weight of the entire skin weighs around 15-20 kg. Wow.

The skin has many different functions and it is more than just a dividing line with the outside world, the skin offers protection for us. The healthy skin protects us against bacteria, viruses, UV radiation and damage. It is therefore important that you also keep your skin healthy.

This is actually best, with a body butter. It is easy to spread and the scent comes from fresh ... Hmm, have you ever looked at the INCIs of the package? But what is actually in it? Do you also look at the ingredients list? Is it not packed with chemicals? (I hope not)

The skin is a strong protection but on the other hand it is extremely sensitive. The skin absorbs everything you put on it including all preservatives (parabens, mti, alcohol ..) The substances get through your skin into your bloodstream. And then? The body stores all those toxic chemicals in your body. Your skin will slowly stop shining….

Healthy, well-treated skin is soft, feels elastic, and is the most beautiful jewel in women (or men).

At Flow we think; Skincare can be really easy to provide your skin with pure vitamins and antioxidants. The ingredients of our products are 100% organic or natural - so really vitamin-rich!

We advise:


SCRUB The skin regenerates quickly (You lose 30000-40000 skin cells every minute) So, help your skin with this process and exfoliate the skin with one exfoliating.

BODY BUTTER After the exfoliant, the aim is to help nourish and hydrate your skin. Let your skin enjoy a pure and vitamin-rich bodybutters - Without harmful preservatives, and then?


At Flow is easy to Glow

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