From aromatherapy to natural cosmetics

Let us introduce our inspirator: Riitta Jänkälä, mother of 4, aromatherapist and founder of Flow Cosmetics

The Riitta story

Sometimes a single idea can change a person's entire life. I remember well one morning in March, 2003, I wondered why on earth I put harmful substances on my skin, not only for myself, but also for my children. After all, cosmetics could also be clean. At the time, I was employed and I was frustrated with the daily dose of chemicals that I was exposed to. Soon I started working on skin and hair care products that would be based on nothing but edible ingredients.

I started looking for alternatives to all those strong chemicals in my spare time. And always wanted to learn more about this subject. I participated in all kinds of training courses. Soon I also did in my salon: nail extensions, micropigmentation and makeup. I used all known brands for all these treatments. But soon I started to abhor modern cosmetic care.

Studying aromatherapy led me to natural cosmetics

I started to learn more about the healing effects of herbs and plants. I never really realized that such a wide range of hidden treasures were hidden in our forests in Finland.

After the soaps I mixed my first face cream. A bodybutter soon followed. I only accepted ingredients that were so clean and natural that you could eat them: berry seed oil, marigold extract, coconut fat, salt, sugar, apple cider vinegar. One day our car did not fit in the garage because the space was occupied by all my homemade products and the packaging table. I worked from my garage and sold my products at markets and events.

People started to become increasingly curious about my products. How could they be preserved for 2 years without containing preservatives? That is exactly what makes our cosmetics so fascinating! With the production methods that we ultimately developed, the end result is a compressed, waterless product that does not require preservatives.

The start of the factory

The atmosphere since then has been a roller coaster ride between excitement and worry. Just after I rented a larger production facility and hired my first employees, Finland went into an economic recession. Many of our resellers had a hard time paying their bills and for months I couldn't pay myself a salary. At such moments, all I could do was stay strong and work even harder. There was no way back ..

... when I was pouring blueberry oils into a large pot and turning on the mixer, I knew I had chosen the right path. Oh, the scent of natural oils that blend with the soft, organic shea butter. It is absolutely divine! Every jar of cream, every bar of soap and every bottle of serum produced by us is handmade. We have come a long way since that experiment I once did in a garage during parental leave. But it has become my life's work that I am still proud of every day.

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