Natural cosmetics webshop

Natural cosmetics webshop

Why would you buy your care products and make-up from a natural webshop. Natural cosmetics are expensive and less effective, right? No definitely not. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about organic and natural cosmetics. The opposite is even true! Do you want to switch to natural cosmetics for the environment and the future of our planet, but are you unsure about the effectiveness? Then read on quickly or view the range from our 100% here. natural cosmetics webshop.

Why an organic and natural webshop?

A natural cosmetics webshop? “My synthetic products work fine and are even cheaper”. Is that so? Let's dive deeper here...

Earlier we explained why a greenbeauty shop is so important for our own well-being, the environment and the future of our planet. It should be clear that natural care products - if produced sustainably - are a greener, better choice for this. But that is not only the reason to choose a natural cosmetics webshop.

Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in the human body? It therefore plays an important role in many different functions. Such as the absorption and secretion of substances. That is why it is very important that we pay attention to the products that come into contact with our skin. This is exactly where organic and natural cosmetics have a crucial added value. And that is why our webshop contains only natural products:

We take you through the advantages of organic and truly natural cosmetics. Below you will find five important advantages of our natural cosmetics webshop.

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1. Cure and prevent irritations and allergies

Irritations, allergies but also an extreme dry skin, acne and eczema especially benefit from natural cosmetics. These skin problems are almost always caused or exacerbated by synthetic ingredients and fragrances. It's not that they don't work well by definition, but actually too well. In other words; they are too aggressive for the skin. Especially when you suffer from itching and flakes, it is best to choose one natural remedy for eczema. Suffering from impure skin such as pimples and pimples? Then choose the best products for acne which the against clogged pores to work.

2. High concentrations of active substances

The products in our natural cosmetics webshop all contain high concentrations of active substances. Because they do not contain unnecessary synthetic ingredients, there is more room for... right... organic and honest ingredients that really work. Our main active ingredients are wild berries and herbs sourced from Finland. These are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and downright robust Scandinavian energy.

3. Free from synthetic (harmful & questionable) ingredients

Both consumers and scientists are increasingly concerned about the harmful effect of synthetic ingredients. For example, many cosmetic products are full of microplastics and hormone-disrupting substances. Fortunately, more and more people consciously choose plastic-free cosmetics en make up without harmful substances.

Synthetic ingredients not only have a negative impact on the environment, but also on our well-being. Increasingly research shows worrying results about the possible consequences for our health. In addition, ingredients such as parabens and sulfates not conducive to your beauty results. And the best news... we prove that synthetic ingredients aren't even necessary; there are so many nicer alternatives!

4. Respect for the natural protection mechanism

Our skin is equipped with a natural protection mechanism. Also called the skin barrier. And this biological balance does not just happen! It is a very important protection against harmful external influences. Whatever all synthetic care products make you promise; true protection and restoration is arranged by nature itself. And you can give this a helping hand by using mild products that cleanse, care for, moisturize and protect. Provided they respect the skin barrier. Such as the complete range in our natural cosmetics webshop.

5. Effective skin improvement and long-lasting results

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Because of the protection mechanism mentioned above, if you ask us, synthetic and non-skin substances by definition do not belong on the skin. This can have consequences for the condition of the skin, especially when used in the longer term. Aggressive synthetic counterparts of natural cosmetics damage the natural fat mantle. This makes your skin dry faster, so you reach for products faster. Do you see the vicious circle?

When you list all these advantages of a natural cosmetics webshop, you only come to 1 conclusion: 

Natural cosmetics are better and not more expensive, at most expensive.

Not only do you need less of it, it also lasts much longer. Being a good example of this organic shampoo bars. You can use our shampoo in soap form 80 to 100 times before it runs out. And did you know that the average shampoo bottle consists of about 80% (!) water? Calculate where most of your money goes. 

Flow: the webshop with 100% natural cosmetics

At Flow we don't just believe in 100% natural cosmetics; it is the basis of our entire business philosophy and activities. Try it yourself and we guarantee that you too will fall in love with the benefits of the range in our natural cosmetics webshop

In addition to choosing natural products, it is also important that you use cosmetics that suit your skin type in your beauty routine. Read also: what skin type do I have?

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Natural cosmetics webshop

View our complete range of natural cosmetics, care products and make-up here.

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