Chemicals in cosmetics, what's in it?

To look good, it gives us a good feeling.
Being a beautiful woman or an attractive man takes time and money, but
it should not be at the expense of your health.
Maybe you know what we are going to write about ..

.Chemicals in cosmetics ..

The history of cosmetics covers at least 7.000 years and is
present in almost every society on earth. It is claimed that
cosmetic body art the earliest form of a ritual in the
human culture. The proof for this comes in the form of
used red mineral pigments, use of castor oil in the old
Egypt as a protective balm and skin creams made from beeswax, olive oil and rose water described by the Romans.

About 6900 years later, industrialization and urbanization are changing
our consumer behavior of cosmetics. The cosmetic products such as Shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste, and makeup were part of the daily routine for women, men and even children. So the consumption habits grew.

The luxurious and pure natural ingredients were not enough for that
everyone, they are mixed with chemicals, water and finally
with preservatives.
What's in it, chemicals in cosmetics
"Much more effective, efficient, and cheaper," said the big ones
business people - and that's it all.

Like a sponge, the skin absorbs chemicals - The body can get up to 60
absorb percent of what we put on our skins. The skin cannot distinguish between synthetic and natural, or between
harmful and beneficial. It therefore also absorbs harmful chemicals be present in skin care products.

Not every amount of chemical is harmful to you, but the
average woman uses twelve types of cosmetics daily. True
everywhere contain a large amount of chemicals that your body needs
processing. Making us unique to 168
chemicals per day. It becomes a consuming and super strong chemical cocktail
for you, for your body and for the environment. Because ultimately the
chemicals enter your body, and after rinsing and unloading
our public water system.

Everyone can make a choice themselves, but we recommend:
Take care of yourself <3
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