Side effects of hormone ointment for eczema (nature knows best)

Side effects of hormone ointment for eczema

Our philosophy is once again underlined by the increasingly disturbing reports about the side effects of hormone ointment against eczema. Whenever possible, always opt for natural treatment for skin problems, such as: eczema on the face. Why is nature the starting point in all our products? Why should you use hormone ointment against eczema and what are the disadvantages? Read more about the (sometimes very serious) side effects of hormone ointment and a possible alternative.

Why hormone ointment against eczema

Eczema is an annoying skin problem that causes itchy, red, flaky and flaky skin dry skin. When you go to the doctor with eczema complaints, you will soon be prescribed a hormone ointment, also called corticosteroids. They are medicinal ointments that contain hormones. You can see it as a 'horse remedy' with a relatively quick effect on complaints of an eczema outbreak.

What is the disadvantage of hormone ointment for eczema?

With eczema it is very important that the application is carried out according to a strict schedule and that the hormone ointment is also reduced correctly. Although, when used correctly, a hormone ointment can relieve eczema symptoms with few side effects, it usually does not cure. This is the biggest disadvantage of hormone ointment for eczema. You will not get rid of the eczema, but the symptoms will be suppressed. It is also very important that the correct strength of corticosteroid ointment is used. And not entirely unimportant; the use of a combination with the correct basic ointments.

The biggest and sometimes very serious disadvantage of hormone ointment mainly occurs during its withdrawal, also known as TSA and TSW. More about that later.

Tip: Flow Body Butter Hemp
This product is a natural remedy for eczema and also suitable as a base cream for a hormone ointment treatment. This product ensures that the skin remains oily and does not dry out. Dry skin itches more and is more sensitive to external stimuli.

Side effects of hormone ointment

Side effects of hormone ointment with corticosteroids

If you use hormone ointment in the right dosage and in the right way, you can limit unwanted symptoms as much as possible. These are the most common side effects of hormone ointment, depending on the area of ​​the skin where it is used.

  • Thinning skin (atrophy)
  • Vasodilations (couperosis)
  • Red cheeks (rosacea)
  • Skin discoloration (whiter and sometimes darker)
  • Stretch marks (stretch marks)
  • Faster hair growth

TSA (Topical Steroid Addiction) and TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal)

The biggest side effect of hormone ointment is that you can develop a dependency due to habituation. If you use corticosteroids for a long time, you will need increasingly heavier creams to keep the eczema symptoms under control. This 'addiction' is also called TSA called Topical Steroid Addiction.

When TSA patients stop applying the hormone ointment, very serious complaints can arise. This will also happen T.S.W. named; Topical Steroid Withdrawal. This withdrawal is then accompanied by red, burning skin, itching, flakes and even inflamed open skin with moisture and swelling.

Experiences of eczema patients show that the symptoms of TSW can be very serious and sometimes last for months or even years. You can see exactly how this works in the (English) documentary below about Topical Steroid Withdrawal, the most serious side effect of hormone ointment.


BNN VARA's Kassa program also recently made one shocking report about these side effects of hormone ointment for eczema. The accompanying survey of the program showed that 9 out of 10 dermatologists do not care about stopping hormone ointment.

The importance of a well-functioning skin barrier

You see this term a lot on our website; the skin barrier. That is not without reason, because it is an important basis in our natural face care has. You can see the skin barrier as your skin's natural protective layer. Whether it concerns skin problems such as clown eczema or acne - almost always a disturbed balance of the skin plays a role.

Exactly one sensitive skin is quickly overloaded by the aggressive ingredients of our care products. This means you need more of it and before you know it you're sitting down skincare routines in a negative spiral.

A well-functioning skin barrier naturally protects your skin against harmful external influences. That's why it's so important to be natural serum face or for example peeling face choose one that respects the natural balance of your skin. This also includes cosmetics without harmful substances.

Our natural alternative to hormone ointment against eczema

In our range you will find all the care that fits perfectly in a natural treatment against eczema, such as our new one propolis cream.

The result of Flow propolis ointment for eczema complaints.

In the category -atopic skin- you can read more about the best skincare routine against eczema. These products can also be used very well in addition to and after an eczema treatment with hormone ointment. As extra support for building your skin's natural protective layer!

Discover our natural range here atopic skin products 
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