Cleaning make-up items and keeping them clean

Cleaning your face is important for beautiful skin. But also cleaning your make-up items such as brushes, brushes and sponges. If you don't do this, make-up residues, skin flakes and bacteria will remain in it. Ieuw! In this article, we'll give you tips on how to easily clean and keep your make-up items clean.
cleaning make-up stuff is important
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Keep your makeup stuff and your skin clean; therefore

If you don't keep your make-up stuff clean, you put the dirt back on your skin every time. Your pores get clogged or become infected. This causes irritated skin or impurities such as pimples. Dirty brushes also absorb make-up less well. In other words, keeping your make-up items clean ensures more economical use and clean skin!
Make up brush cleaning for clean skin


How to clean make-up brushes and brushes

Brushes and brushes that you use for oil-based make-up are best cleaned with water and a soft, natural soap. Wet the bristles of your brush or brush first. Next, apply some foam of the soap to your palm and hold your hand in a bowl. Here you turn with the brush or brush. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. If you use your make-up supplies for liquid make-up such as foundation, it is best to repeat this process again for a thorough cleaning.
It is best for your skin use make up without harmful substances, this also applies to your brushes and brushes. With organic and natural make up you are always in the right place. If you do use make-up with a lot of oil, strong or aggressive substances, it is best to clean your make-up items with a mixture of olive oil and the same amount of detergent. Mix the oil and dish soap together and wash your makeup items in the same way as with natural soap.

Brush cleaner to clean your make-up items

There are also special brush cleaners for sale. This is a quick and easy way to clean your makeup stuff. You spray the cleaner on a tissue that you then use to clean your brush. This is especially helpful when you go for foundation and liquid blush use the same brush. In other words, for a quick cleaning in between. Because this method of cleaning is superficial, we still recommend a weekly thorough cleaning to get your brushes really clean. Keep in mind that there can be harmful substances in the brush cleaner. You can alternatively use a natural facial spray use. Also useful as a refreshing and nourishing facial cleansing in between.
Clean make up sponge

Tips for cleaning your makeup brushes and brushes 

  • Remove excess moisture

Squeeze out most of the water with a clean towel. Keep the brush or brush in its original shape.

  • Let air dry

Let your make-up items air dry, this way the shape stays pretty good. Make sure this does not take too long, otherwise it will remain wet for too long and bacteria and bad smells will enter.

  • Leave to dry flat

Place the brush or brush on a dry area of ​​the towel. This way they keep their original shape and no water can get into the metal part or the glue

  • Don't forget the handle

The handles of your make-up also naturally contain dirt and bacteria. These can easily spread to your hands or the bristles of the brush. You can use the best disinfectant and clean kitchen paper for this

How often should you clean your make-up items?

It depends a bit on how often you use your make-up stuff. In any case, always apply your make-up to clean skin. If you use your make-up items daily, you could clean it every three days. Do this at least once a week. It is also better not to lend your make-up items to others to prevent skin irritations and infections. Last but certainly not least; also clean your toiletry bag, box or drawer! These are often covered with make-up stains, so you don't want to dirty your clean make-up items with them again. You come with clean make-up brushes, brushes and sponges foundation all the way for a beautiful, healthy and natural glow.



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