The best concealer; and this is why!

Best concealer for pigment spots

What is the best concealer? This is a question asked by many beauty queens. The best natural concealer is Berry Vitamin Cream. The secret? You can use this cream foundation perfectly as a concealer! This also applies here; less is more. For healthy skin, your wallet and the environment. Read more why we think that Korento Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation is the best concealer.

Choosing the best concealer

When you the best concealer If you are looking for effective products that take care of your skin at the same time. Most concealers on the market contain unnecessary additives to the color, shape and fragrance of the product. These ingredients can irritate the skin and clog your pores. So you are actually only further from home. Because of course you want your skin to look as even as possible.

You probably know that perfectly made-up face...until you take a closer look and it looks like a bad mask. Not really charming and also unnecessary. With the right effective and sustainable make up products, you only need to use a little for a satiny and natural look. In addition, well-groomed skin needs little make-up to shine.

The Benefits of Korento Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation:

  • The added Berry Active Complex™ makes your skin feel healthy and revitalized all day long
  • The moisturizing, breathable formula shrinks pores and ensures a beautiful skin texture
  • Durable; made with respect for the environment and plastic free
  • Suitable for all skin types; from medium to full coverage
  • A compact composition that lasts approximately 70 to 100 times

best concealer

Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation. The moisturizing, breathable formula shrinks pores and makes the skin texture velvety soft. Available in 8 different shades.

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What is a concealer for?

You use a concealer to even out the facial skin. With this you can remove irregularities such as red spots, pigment spots or dark circles get rid of it under your eyes. A make-up bag full of all products to camouflage your skin? We think this is expensive, cluttered and we know that you are not doing your skin any favors with it. That's why the best concealer in our opinion is a cream foundation, also called BB cream .

Do you have good skin and don't really need much make-up? Then use a natural one, for example serum foundation as a concealer for only the spots you want to smooth or to get rid of fine lines.

Is concealer bad for your skin?

Now you may be wondering; is a concealer bad for your skin? Yes, when it comes to products with chemical additives that clog your pores. This is what most concealers do. And no, a concealer doesn't have to be bad for your skin. When you use a caring make-up product with organic and natural ingredients.

This is how you use the best concealer

In this short video we show (right at the beginning) how to use the best concealer.

Choose a color that suits your skin. Different colors are available to match each shade. To choose the right concealer color, you determine whether you have a warm or cool undertone† When you get the foundation cream as concealer used, it fits perfectly with our mineral powder.

Before applying concealer you can use a make-up brush use or your fingers. Make sure they are clean and dab the concealer on your skin. The warmth of your finger melts the color with your skin. Finally, you can carefully dab off your excess make-up with one layer of toilet paper. This prevents the make up from running out during the day and prevents the product from piling up on your skin.

In general, with dry skin it is better to use a cream foundation with possibly a setting powder for a long-lasting matte finish.

The best concealer for dark circles and bags under the eyes

Want to use the best concealer for getting rid of dark circles and puffiness? Then choose a color that is a shade lighter than your own skin color. You can apply this on the dark, sometimes purple - blue circles under your eyes. If you have puffiness as a result of fat or fluid accumulation, it is better not to do this. You then have the chance that the walls are accentuated correctly. In that case, wrap a few ice cubes in a cloth and leave it on your eyes for a few minutes. The cold drains the fluid under your eyes faster because your blood vessels constrict.

The best concealer for pigmentation spots

You can also use a concealer to get rid of blemishes, such as pigmentation spots. By the way, perfect care and treatment of skin with pigment spots is Lingonberry Bright - brightening facial oil. Arctic lingonberries are well-known, effective ingredients often used in treatments for skin hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

the best concealer for dark circles

Bottom line; usage organic facial care in combination with natural make-up. With healthy skin you hardly need any concealer. As far as we are concerned, it is for the places that you would rather camouflage Berry Vitamin Cream the best concealer!

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Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation

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