Wonder cure for pigment spots: what helps against hyperpigmentation or age spots?

miracle cure for pigment spots

Stop googling 'panacea pigmentation spots' and discover ingredients for you skincare routines that work effectively against hyperpigmentation. Read why AHA & BHA peeling serum is our miracle cure for pigment spots and what additional benefits this product has for your skin. We also explain which oil is good against pigment spots and why it is better not to use pure Tea Tree oil for this.

Pigment spots in short

Before we talk about a 'miracle cure for pigment spots', it is useful to know a little more about what exactly these brown spots on your face are:

  • Pigment spots We also know it as hyperpigmentation, irritation pigment, liver spots or age spots.
  • Pigment is a colorant in the skin (melanin) that is produced to protect your skin.
  • The most common causes of pigmentation are heredity, damage to the skin (for example due to acne or... perioral dermatitis) and excessive sun exposure.
  • Factors such as hormonal changes, fragrances in cosmetics, and medications can also play a role in pigment formation.
  • You may also suffer from white spots. These are caused by the sun or by a skin condition, such as vitiligo.

You can use our miracle cure for pigment spots for all these causes and types. You can read why further down!

Miracle cure for pigment spots


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Pigment spots due to wounds, acne or eczema

As mentioned above, skin damage can be a cause of pigment spots. This form is also called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation irritation pigment named. These spots on the skin are caused by scars or pimples. In addition to using the best products for acne it is important that you protect your skin extra well against the sun. Avoid direct sunlight preferably between 11:00 AM and 15:00 PM.

Not only due to acne, but also due to skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema face, chickenpox or clown eczema, can damage your skin. This is due to inflammation in the lower layer of the skin, where the pigment cells are located. This stimulates the production of pigment. The spots often appear after the acute phase of the skin problem.

This also emphasizes the importance of mild and safe cosmetics that do not damage the skin, especially in skin care for sensitive skin.

Our number 1 miracle cure for pigment spots:

Flow AHA & BHA peeling serum we can rightly call it a natural panacea against pigment spots. These two types of 'acids' reinforce each other as exfoliants in the renewal of skin cells. This ensures even skin and the fading of pigment spots. The ingredients lactic acid, glycolic acid and citric acid contribute to this.

A definite plus for this one fruit acid peeling is that the AHA & BHA come from natural sources. This makes them milder than their synthetic counterparts and so this miracle remedy against pigment spots does not damage the skin! You want to prevent this because skin damage actually causes dark spots (irritation pigment).

natural remedy for pigment spots

But a miracle cure for pigment spots is not the only benefit of our AHA & BHA peeling serum...

Age spots in particular are often accompanied by other signs of skin aging, such as dull skin and fine lines. And that's where AHA (glycolic acid) comes in handy because this anti-aging ingredient penetrates deep into the skin. BHA (salicylic acid) works on the skin's surface and within the pore, eliminating coarse shrink pores. Salicylic acid has a proven positive effect on impurities and therefore fits very well in a acne treatment at home.

In short, our miracle solution against pigment spots:

is the most effective way to make your skin look radiant and even again!

The powerful and natural ingredients in the AHA and BHA peeling peeling face serum penetrates deep into the skin and reduces visible signs of skin aging and sun damage.

Why a natural miracle cure for pigment spots?

We always advise remove pigment spots in a natural way, precisely because you do not want to damage the skin and thus further promote pigmentation. Therefore, choose a natural miracle product for pigment spots with mild biological ingredients that keep the natural skin barrier intact.

Did you know that certain fragrances in cosmetic products can also be a trigger for the development of dark spots? Therefore use natural face care without perfume. If you are sensitive to pigment spots, do not use perfume at all before going into the sun.

Which oil is good against pigment spots?

If you have read information on this website before, you now know that we always use one for an effective skincare routine natural facial oil to advise. You may be wondering: which oil is good against pigment spots? Lingonberry Bright is the answer! Regular use of this oil reduces and prevents hyperpigmentation and dark spots or circles. Do you want remove wrinkles? Then it is a nice bonus that Lingonberry Bright also works against premature aging.

Organic argan oil

Especially if you have dry facial skin, you would too organic argan oil as an additional remedy against pigment spots. Vitamin E in this oil protects your skin against free radicals, such as sun damage. This results in less dark pigment being produced in the skin. Read more about what here argan oil for your face care can do.

Pure Tea Tree oil as a miracle cure for pigment spots?

Pure Tea Tree oil is often mentioned as a miracle cure for pigment spots because of its brightening effect. And although this medicinal oil has many uses, especially for acne, you need to be very careful when using it. One of the side effects of Tea Tree oil is that it can cause hypersensitivity reactions. Especially when used undiluted, the skin can become irritated and therefore cause irritation pigment.

This is what you also need to know about a miracle cure for pigment spots

The treatment of pigment spots requires a lot of patience. Don't expect brown spots on your face to disappear overnight. In addition to our miracle cure for pigment spots, you may need laser treatment in a clinic to make skin discolouration disappear completely. This depends on the depth of the stains and is mainly a matter of trial and error. If necessary, you can consult a dermatologist for more advice.

If the spots change color, shape or become itchy, contact your doctor to be sure.

Last, but not least:

Be proud of your skin! There is nothing wrong with a miracle cure for pigment spots, but pigment spots are very normal and harmless, so you can also embrace them and let them sit ❤

Questions about the right skincare routine for your skin (problem) or a miracle cure for pigment spots - feel free to contact us!

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