5 tips for (minimalist) facial care

Facial care routine
A good facial care routine is essential for healthy and radiant skin. Fortunately, skincare doesn't have to be that complicated. Minimalist facial care can also be very effective and results-oriented. The most important thing is that you use high-quality products in the right order. Do you want to know what you need for facial care? Then read on! We tell you the best tips for facial care, which are minimalist and effective!

What do you need for facial care?

If you want to follow a complete but simple facial care routine, you need these products.

  • facial cleanser
  • Toner
  • exfoliating
  • Serum
  • Cream or facial oil
What do you need for facial care?

Facial cleanser. 

A good one natural cleanser is the most important product in your routine. Cleansing helps to rid the skin of dirt, oil and makeup. So that the skin becomes clean and fresh at the end of the day. Choose a facial cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. NB. A good cleanser does not dry out the skin! This instruction applies, whatever skin type you have.

Toner or facial mist.

A toner helps restore the pH balance of the skin. The use of the facial spray is therefore recommended after every wash. A toner can also regulate moisture and brighten the skin. It can even help repair various skin conditions. More detailed use of a toner face can be found in a separate article.


Exfoliant, one mask face of peeling face is a product that you do not have to use every day. Once or twice a week is sufficient. This product helps to remove dead skin cells and renew the skin. When you exfoliate dead skin cells from the skin's surface, other products can be absorbed more deeply into the skin. This is an efficient and simple way to improve your skin condition (and results). As an example, a facial cleanser with AHA & BHA acids can help remove age spots naturally.

Tips for your facial care if you have rosacea or eczema. Rosacea skin reacts quickly and the use of a peeling can help Red cheeks worsen. Atopic skin (eczema face) not to be regularly exophilized.


A serum is used to address specific problems, such as hydration, anti-aging, pigmentation or dull skin. Serums contain a high concentration of active ingredients, which can penetrate deep into the skin layers. Apply a serum after facial mist and before applying moisturizer. A small amount is often sufficient because serums are very concentrated. For example, the commonly used ingredients in serums are: retinol, hyaluronic acid, peptides or green tea. More detailed info about it natural facial serum here.

Facial cream or facial oil.

To complete your facial care routine, you need a moisture cream or a facial oil. Why? The skin needs both water-based hydration and oil-based care to function properly. If you only use water-based products on your skin, your skin will dry out. A facial cream or(s) facial oil both contain skin-caring oils and complete your beauty routine.

Facial care tips: do you have very dry facial skin? You can feel free to add both cream and facial oil into your routine. Layering helps your skin retain more moisture. This same technique is also suitable for atopic or mature skin, for example. Psst. Read here which oil is good for your face.

Facial care tips

Facial care routine

The secret to vital, healthy and radiant skin is high-quality products, with organic ingredients, used in the correct order. At Flow Cosmetics we design our products to meet the needs of different skin types. When the products are combined correctly, they support each other's properties and meet the unique purpose of your beauty routine. If you follow the right beauty routine, you will support your skin's natural functions and get guaranteed long-term results.

We would like to explain everything about optimal facial care routines. But it would make this article too long. That is why we recommend that you go to our category pages.

Facial care routine by skin type

Dry skin. Dry skin often feels tight and tight. It usually contains little moisture and the outer layer of dry skin does not function optimally. This layer prevents the moisture from evaporating. If this does not work (well), the skin dries out. The right care products can bring dry skin back into balance. They support the well-being of the skin and prevent premature skin aging. Find optimal products for the facial care for dry skin.

Combined skin. Combination skin is a common skin type and must be treated carefully and correctly. Combination skin often has an oily T-zone, which can cause impurities to appear on the forehead, nose and chin and pores to be clearly visible. This skin type benefits from antibacterial and soothing products. That prevent and reduce impurities. And provide sufficient nutrients and hydration. Find optimal products for the combined skin.

Sensitive skin. If the skin feels tight and often even burning and itchy, then this is probably sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is easily irritated and red. Sensitive skin is usually irritated by (synthetic) fragrances, preservatives and other ingredients that provide the "infrastructure" of the product. As a result, a suitable treatment for sensitive skin is often easiest to find by preferring organic and natural, simple products of high quality. Find here skin care for sensitive skin.

Normal skin. Normal skin has all functions in balance, the skin is not too dry or too oily and it contains no significant impurities. The skin color is even and the skin is not easily irritated. Well-selected organic care for normal skin maintains balance, protects against harsh conditions and air pollution and prevents premature skin aging. Find optimal products for the normal skin.

Fat skin. Oily skin shines and feels greasy or oily. This is usually slightly thicker than other skin types. The pores are visible with impurities and pimples. You don't expect it, but there is a possibility that these problems are due to a lack of moisture in the skin. While the symptoms of dry skin are often caused by over-cleansing and the lack of adequate hydration, skin prone to oiliness is also sensitive for exactly the same reasons. Click here and read: What do you need for facial care? of fat skin?  

Do you have a condition such as clown eczema of acne? Maybe you are looking for rosacea products? Navigate to the right category via the menu, choose the right products for your facial care routine and let your skin shine.

Facial care routine results

If your beauty routine is in order - you can achieve visible results. This model uses our anti went Products.

5 facial care tips for every skin type

  1. Be consistent. It's important to follow your facial care routine every day, even if you don't have time. Otherwise you can never achieve the desired result.
  2. Follow your process. Did you know that many of us think our skin is worse than it actually is? It's a good idea to take a photo of your skin every now and then. This way you can also monitor whether you are achieving the desired results in your skin care. You can also show the photos to your friends and show how your skin condition has changed positively ;)
  3. Use the right products. Make sure you use products that are suitable for your skin type and concerns. The right products restore the skin, while the "wrong" products are counterproductive.
  4. Listen to your skin. You are the one who knows best how your skin feels. If your skin becomes irritated by a product, stop using the product. And if something feels good, then you move on.
  5. Questions are allowed. If you don't know what to do, just ask. There are thousands of skin professionals online and offline. Everyone is happy to help you! You like us too contacts and send an email.
Minimalist facial care

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