Natural skin care especially for men? Yes and no...

Natural skin care for men? Naturally! Men's skin also deserves the best care with organic products, free of harmful substances. Natural skin care special for men? No actually not. We'll tell you why below, and let you know what the best facial care is for men. Like a biological one facial cleanser menmoisture cream of beard oil.

Why Organic Skin Care for Men?

Also for men it is best to choose a natural product in the form of organic skin care. The reasons for this are, of course, no different than for women. Good organic skin care is free of parabens, phthalates, silicones, synthetic dyes and fragrances or other chemicals. This restores the natural balance of the skin and is fed with only healthy and effective ingredients
There are still many men who only wash their faces with water. Is that enough or do men also need skin care? We are convinced that it is. Men also look and feel healthier with a well-groomed face. And yes, men also wonder just as much; what really helps against wrinkles?
We consciously choose formulations with the most efficient and honest ingredients, packed with vitamins and antioxidants. And you notice that. Flow's sustainable and organic skin care for men (and women) is the best for your skin, environmentally friendly and just as effective! 

How does skin care for men differ?

Care products now almost always distinguish themselves in a women's and men's variant. Did you know that this is actually mainly done from a marketing point of view? Consumers like to buy something that they think is made especially for them. Skin care for men is therefore usually the same product with a different label. Because whatever gender identity you have; skin is skin. Although men's skin is sometimes thicker than women's, the same skin care products can be used.

Face cream for men without parabens or plastic

Do you secretly use your partner's face cream? If it is of a different sex, it doesn't matter. At least not for your skin ;-). What does matter is the skin condition and skin type. Moisturize and nourish your face with a face cream for men without parabens or plastic? Flow's Billberry Moisture Cream is suitable for every skin type!
natural skin care men

Skin types facial care men

Je skin type is much more important than whether you have female or male skin. Dry, combination or oily skin? Not only is every skin unique, your skin condition also differs per life phase and season. It is therefore wise to adjust your care routine accordingly.
In general, the facial skin of men is slightly oilier and less sensitive, but this does not always have to be the case. Skin irritation can occur, especially after shaving. Also, just like women, men have to deal with acne, eczema (atopic skin) or even one clown eczema. In our webshop you can filter by your skin type for natural products that perfectly suit the individual (men's) skin.

Natural care product man

Our products are free from chemical ingredients that can irritate the skin, such as perfume. That is why there is no specific (women's) fragrance to our skin care. This makes our organic skin care at least as suitable for men. Are you looking for natural skin care, such as a mild facial cleanser, face mask of organic beard oil?
View our specially selected range here natural care product man.

The best skin care products for men

Especially for men, we have listed the best skin care below.


In order not to damage the skin, to restore and keep the natural balance, choose a mild and natural facial cleanser. For oily (acne) skin we recommend a facial cleanser with Tea Tree .


Good hydration with a organic face cream men ensures a natural moisture balance. This protects your skin from drying out and the aging influence of toxins, such as air pollution, cigarette smoke or smog. A nutritious but light natural face cream for men is Bilberry Moisture Cream or Serum with hyaluronic acid.

Additional care - face mask men

In men, the pores on the face are larger and more likely to retain excess oil and dirt. For this it is detox face mask men ideal; moisturizing, deep cleansing, exfoliating and caring.

face mask men

Shaving and natural beard care

And last but not least; shaving and beard care is of course a typical skin care for men. To prevent irritated skin and acne, it is important to moisturize and nourish the skin after shaving. For example, you can use a natural facial oil to use. Also make sure you have a good and natural shaving soap. It is best to use organic beard oil argan oil use.

If you have any questions about natural skin care for men please feel free to contact us


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