Face mask men

Face mask men

You use a face mask for men for deep cleaning and extra care. Earlier we wrote about natural skin care for men. This also includes a face mask. A face mask can give men's skin a big boost! A good face mask for men gently cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Consisting of natural ingredients that do not clog pores.

Best face mask men

We think the detox mask is the best face mask for men, especially suitable for oily and impure skin. While every skin is unique, men's is generally a little thicker and oilier. This is because men have more and larger pores and produce more sebum; about twice as many as women. This is mainly due to the influence of the hormone testosterone. Stimulation of sebum production in combination with bacteria are a source of blackheads, pimples and acne.

Face mask men

Detox mask 3 in 1

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This detox facial mask with activated charcoal, raw honey and salicylates is hydrating, deep cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing. This face mask fits perfectly in an effective and natural acne treatment. No plastic is used and the packaging is fully recyclable.


The face mask for men contains natural and organic ingredients. Active ingredients of this face mask are:

  • Raw honey from hikiä; moisturizing, softens the skin and is naturally rich in vitamins. It also contains glucose oxidase, which has an antibacterial function.
  • white willow bark; a natural source of salicylates that cleanse the pores. This ingredient has anti-microbial properties and is anti-inflammatory.
  • Active charcoal powder; is known for its excellent ability to absorb impurities, dirt and grease.
  • Peppermint; shrinks pores and refreshes the skin.
  • White clay; is mineral-rich and provides a gentle cleaning.

The benefits of the detox face mask

The advantages of our face mask for men at a glance:

1. Natural ingredients that effectively and gently remove impurities from the skin.

2. Naturally contains salicylate and salicylic acid due to the added willow bark. This provides an anti-inflammatory effect and makes the face mask suitable for acne treatments.

3. The salicylic acid belongs to beta-hydroxide acids, which makes it fat soluble. This makes it excellent for nourishing the skin as it can penetrate deep into the skin pores to dissolve sebum.

4. The detox facial mask is 100% natural and contains no emulsifiers.

5. Contains few raw materials, so less risk of allergies and skin irritation.

6. The content (120ml) lasts a long time; about 15 to 30 times.

How to use a face mask for men

You can use our face mask as a man (and woman of course ;-)) as a weekly acne treatment but also for daily cleaning.

Detox facial mask as a cleansing balm

Apply the mask on the face in a circular motion. Then rinse with warm water. To finish your care, use a balancing toner en detox oil; purifying facial oil with tea tree. 

As a mask and mild peeling

Apply the mask to a clean face in a circular motion. Then leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes. Finally, rinse with warm water.

Incidentally, this mask is also suitable for acne on the shoulders, which men regularly suffer from. If you also have impure skin on your back or chest, we recommend the Detox - Tea Tree & Charcoal facial cleanser .

 Beard (skin) care

 Because of shaving, the beard area is often a lot drier than the rest of the skin. For this part of the face, rather use a nourishing oil such as argan oil. When using a mask, do it the night before shaving and especially not right after shaving. This can irritate the skin even more. Argan oil can also be used perfectly as a beard oil.

Face mask men against blackheads and pimples

Flow detox facial mask helps well against blackheads due to the deep cleansing and caring effect. The natural ingredients and mild effect keep the skin's barrier intact. This is important because it is also the natural protection mechanism for men's skin against harmful external influences.

In addition, many masks that are usually available at the drugstore contain chemical additives. These can be bad for health and irritate the skin, such as alcohol, plastics or perfume. It is especially important for impure skin that the ingredients of a face mask are non-comodogenic. Commodogenic ingredients clog pores and actually cause or worsen acne.

Why you shouldn't use a 'black mask' as a face mask

You may have picked up on this trend YouTube pass by; movies of the so-called wonders of a 'black mask'. This is a 'peel-off' face mask made from charcoal. When you take the mask off your face, it looks like you're pulling blackheads out of the skin. In reality, these are pieces of sebum and downy hairs. Even worse; in addition to dirt, you also remove the protective layer. This ensures that your skin is much more sensitive to bacteria and infections after such a face mask. It also makes the walls of your pores bigger. In other words; we certainly do not recommend the use of such a black mask.

Buy facial care for men?

Many men only take action when they develop skin problems. With our men's skincare products you optimally care for and maintain your skin. Do you have questions about ordering or using the face mask for men? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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