The best natural products for oily skin

Do you have glowing skin that feels oily at the end of the day? Is your make-up not staying properly? Then your skin type is probably oily skin. You can remedy this by using facial care with natural products, especially suitable for oily skin. We tell you everything about oily skin and which natural products are best for oily and shiny skin.

What is oily skin?

You clean your face in the morning, put on mattifying make-up and after a few hours of being out the door, your skin is already glowing again. Recognizable? Chances are that you suffer from oily skin. Don't worry, oily skin also has benefits! You are less likely to experience fine lines and wrinkles than with dry skin. The sebum produced by oily skin has a protective function. Oily skin also needs moisture. If you don't provide hydration and cleanse your face with aggressive products, you will get wrinkles faster, which are sometimes deeper.

It is a misunderstanding that pimples or pimples on your face automatically mean that you have oily skin. Dry skin can also suffer from impurities. In either case, it is wise that you acne tackles with one natural treatment. Another myth is that oily skin cannot be dehydrated. Hydration and natural care are important for all skin types, including oily skin.

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What characteristics does oily skin have?

Not sure if you have oily skin? Pay attention to the characteristics below. Oily skin:

  • shines quickly and feels greasy;
  • usually suffers from impurities more quickly;
  • is generally thicker;
  • visibly has coarse pores;
  • does not hold makeup as well

If you press your forehead against a glass or tissue during the day, the oily skin will leave an oily film. It may also be that only certain areas of your facial skin are oily. Such as your forehead, nose and chin (t-zone).

 How does oily skin develop? 

Oily skin is caused by increased sebum production. Heredity is a cause of this. The way you live also has an influence, such as your sleep and nutrition. Hormonal fluctuations cause your skin to produce extra sebum and thus become oily. Your skin is then looking for a new balance. This often happens during puberty, menstruation and menopause. Your hormone balance can also become confused during pregnancy or when using contraceptives. It is precisely when you use aggressive, synthetic, alcoholic or drying skin care products that your skin starts to produce more sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture. This will ultimately only make your face greasier.

What to do against oily skin

What to do about oily skin?

For oily skin it is very important to bring it back into balance. Increased sebum production often clogs pores and this in turn causes impurities such as blackheads, acne and pimples. So what can you do against oily skin? Clean and care for your skin regularly (not too often) with mild and organic care products for oily skin. Our natural products for oily skin are based on nourishing, vegetable, vitamin and antioxidant-rich ingredients. This helps moisturize, soothe and repair oily skin.

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Eight tips for facial care for oily skin

  1. Clean your face in moderation, in the evening is sufficient
  2. After washing, use one dry facial oil on oily skin
  3. Wash your face with lukewarm water
  4. Do not use aggressive, alcoholic products natural mild cleanser, or a natural soap with Tea tree & Charcoal
  5. Be careful with exfoliating and using washcloths
  6. Apply one once a week mask against oily skin to your face
  7. Use a balancing toner against oily skin instead of a day cream
  8. Use organic, skin care, no makeup

In addition to proper cleaning and care, sufficient sleep and a healthy diet help with oily skin.

The best natural products for oily skin

How do you take care of your oily skin with the right natural products? Proven effective ingredients against oily (acne) skin are:

  • Active charcoal (draws impurities from the skin)
  • Tea tree oil (antiseptic and anti-inflammatory)
  • Wild swamp spiraea (relieving, cleansing)
  • Lavender (nourishing and calming)
  • Hyaluronic acid (moisturizes, improves skin texture and tightens pores)
  • Probiotics (stimulate cell renewal, moisturize and protect)
  • Raw honey (moisturizing, softening and vitamin-rich)
  • White willow bark (exfoliating, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory)
  • Peppermint (refreshing and reducing pores)

By using a combination with these ingredients we have the best natural products for oily skin! The organic care products all contain nourishing, vegetable and vitamin and antioxidant-rich ingredients. They are mild yet effective and rebalance oily skin.

Day cream oily skin
Bilberry Moisture Cream - Face cream € 32,00 Bbalances sebum production, supports the skin's own function and ensures that your skin looks healthy 
 Detox Mask 3 in 1 38,00€ is naturally deeply cleansing, gently exfoliating and designed for oily and blemished skin


Facial care oily skin 
Detox Oil - Purifying face oil with tea tree 38,00€ is a dry oil serum, and helps to keep the skin elastic, while removing and preventing impurities and blemishes
Detox - Tea Tree & Charcoal facial cleanser 15,00€ naturally contains salicylates, which relieve inflammation, cleanse skin pores and break down grease and sebum deposits from skin pores