Couperose in the face, cheeks or nose (cause & treatment)

Couperosis on the face

Couperose usually occurs on the face, cheeks and nose. Although these striking red veins are completely harmless, people often look for a rosacea treatment because they don't like it. Fortunately, you can with the right one natural face care reduce redness in your face and also prevent couperose as much as possible.

What is rosacea on the face?

Couperose is a dilation of small superficial blood vessels on the skin of the face. These small red veins (sometimes blue or purple) are mainly found on the cheeks and nose, but they can also appear in other places on the face, such as just above the eyes, forehead or chin. These red veins are also compared to red threads, stripes or spiders.

Tip to recognize couperose: when you press a glass against your skin and the redness disappears, you can assume that the blood vessels are the cause of the red color in your face.

Couperose face or rosacea, what is the difference?

Couperose is often confused with rosacea, although they are different skin problems and may require different treatment. The difference is that the small red lines can be a symptom of rosacea. If you suffer from rosacea, other symptoms also occur. With this you can think of Red cheeks that feel warm (sometimes in attacks), persistent redness and small red bumps. These characteristics do not occur in rosacea.

Here you will find the best rosacea products which are also suitable for couperosis treatment.

rosacea treatment

Couperose cause, how does it happen?

To keep your body warm, capillaries normally open and close. They can be damaged for various reasons, causing them to remain open. This is the reason for those red veins in your face, cheeks or nose.

Usually the cause of rosacea is a natural consequence of aging. But other factors can also play a role, including:

Now that you know how rosacea develops, you would of course like to know how to get rid of it :). Read more information about couperosis treatment and which skincare routine suits it best.

Couperose treatment

There is no such thing as the one and only rosacea treatment. Did you know that someone with rosacea often has thin skin and weak capillaries? By properly protecting the skin, you ensure that the skin barrier remains intact and less cell damage occurs, such as due to UV light. blue light or polluted air. Therefore choose one natural serum or cream with a high concentration of antioxidants.

An effective treatment for rosacea is laser treatment or IPL. To keep your natural skin barrier as intact as possible, choose mild natural facial care in addition to your couperose treatment. This way your skin remains in its natural balance and can protect itself as best as possible. Prevention is of course always better than cure ;-).

To prevent skin damage as a cause of rosacea, always opt for a mild approach to skin problems. Like the best acne products on a biological basis and a natural treatment against eczema face.

Exfoliating is not allowed if you suffer from rosacea. Choose one peeling face for removing dead skin cells.

The ideal skincare routine in a couperose treatment

A good skincare routine is essential for effective treatment of the skin symptoms of rosacea. The right products have restorative and protective properties, reduce redness, soothe facial skin and restore the barrier function. See below skincare routine steps for rosacea on the face, nose or cheeks and which facial care is best to use.

Step 1: A mild facial cleanser

Flow Balm to Milk cleanser in our range natural facial cleansers is a perfect cleanser in a couperose treatment. To let the protective, natural oils on your skin do their work, do not cleanse your skin in the morning. For a light refresher, it is better to use a natural one face spray.

Step 2: Soothing and balancing facial spray

A toner for your facet in the form of a facial spray, so you can use it in the morning as a light cleanser, but also for more hydration and an extra antioxidant boost. Our rose water spray also reduces redness. That's why you can also use it in your evening skincare routine, before applying your other care products.

Step 3: Retinol serum

The best retinol serum has too many benefits to leave it out of your rosacea treatment. It has the effectiveness of a serum, day cream and facial oil in one product. RetinLift 3-in-1 contains an exceptionally high concentration of active ingredients. For protection against harmful external influences and slowing down skin aging. Use retinol serum in your morning routine.

Couperose cheeks

Step 4: Natural facial oil

End your evening routine with natural facial oil. Our Intensive Treatment Oil is best suited for this. This contains a large amount of nutrients that, among other things, help increase the elasticity of the skin. At the same time, the antioxidants present provide good protection. Rosehip oil supports collagen production and helps hydrate the skin, which will reduce wrinkles and fine lines. A multifunctional product!

Step 5: Weekly mask

As mentioned earlier, it is very important not to damage the skin, especially in a couperose treatment. Therefore, do not use aggressive products or cosmetic treatments such as intensive peeling. Better choose one fruit acid peeling, such as Lingonberry Milk Mask. This is a natural face mask which also works as a mild peeling. Use this a maximum of once a week.

Do you suffer from red veins on your face, nose or cheeks and are you unsure about the right rosacea treatment? Please feel free to contact our beauty professionals!

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