Natural skincare


      The goal at Flow Cosmetics is 100% natural skin care with cosmetic products that are sustainable, user-friendly and effective. By our natural soap for example, we use aromatherapeutic essential oils. Together with high-quality organic ingredients, they nurture body and mind.

      Natural ingredients in skin care

      Our pure and organic products contain only natural ingredients. These are all organic, wild grown or ecocert certified. Because we want the best for your skin, each of our products is made with three key aspects:

      • nutrient-rich plant extracts;
      • aromatherapeutic essential oils;
      • organic vegetable oils.

      That's why you come in the search for natural skin care brands soon at Flow Cosmetics! Whether it concerns natural skin care for acne, older skin or for the physical care of your baby or child.


      Why is natural skin care better?

      The skin is the largest organ in your body. It is therefore necessary to find the right product that meets your needs. Well-groomed, elastic and healthy skin is the main beauty of both women and men. We believe in holistic, natural skin care. That is why our products are combined with aromatherapy. With the addition of aromatherapeutic essential oils, our natural skin care products not only nourish your skin but also your mind.

      Complete range natural body care products

      We create our complete range of natural body care products with the best organic cosmetics, for every skin type and for every moment. We provide product formulas that have been worked out down to the last detail. We don't compromise on effectiveness, so our natural body care meets even the most demanding needs.

      The best natural products for your skin

      What are the best natural products for your skin? With the organic cosmetics range of Flow Cosmetics you can take care of your skin from head to toe. Do you feel like luxury natural body scrubs - that make your skin glow. Or do you pay attention to products that you can use during pregnancy or that are safe for children? Like for example our organic body butter.

      Whether you're looking for natural skin care for acne, normal or dry or older skin. We offer the best body care products for any skin type and age! Even when you are specifically looking for natural skin care baby.

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      Natural soap

      Many people wonder if soap good or bad for the skin is? That depends entirely on which ingredients the soap consists of. Our natural soaps are designed for use on various skin concerns based on years of experience and customer feedback. The added bonus of our organic and natural soaps comes from the real therapeutic essential oils. These not only take care of the body, they also refresh the mind.

      Our natural soaps are made from high quality vegetable oils. They are processed cold, so that the natural active ingredients are optimally preserved. The added herbs, berries, clays and salts distinguish our handmade soaps from those of industrial producers. Each of our soaps is sulfate free (SLS & SLES) and packed without plastic.

      Skincare without junk

      When we created our selection of natural body care, we said "no" to all unnecessary ingredients. We believe it is important to always choose raw materials that meet the requirements of certified natural cosmetics. It means that with our products you choose natural cosmetic products, without

      • Synthetic perfume
      • Parabens or other harmful preservatives
      • Dyes
      • PEG or GMOS
      • Mineral oils

      Our organic body care is therefore safe for your skin and nature. In addition, they are made in the most sustainable way, of course vegan and not tested on animals.

      Buy the best natural skin care

      Want to buy the best natural skin care? Then you don't have to look any further. On this page you will find our complete range of organic body care. Every skin is different; dry, greasy or with eczema. It is therefore important that you use the right organic cosmetics for your skin type. Within our selection of natural body care you will find products for a (very) sensitive and dry skin, an oily skin, an irritated or itchy skin or a atopic skin. This way you can also contact us when you are looking for a natural remedy for eczema or psoriasis.

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      Whatever skin type you have; buy the best natural skin care at Flow cosmetics!