Natural Shampoo bars


      Shampoo bars from Flow Cosmetics

      Shampoo bars Flow Cosmetics are organic, natural, environmentally friendly and 100% zero waste. As you may know, we stand hand-in-hand with nature. We only choose ingredients that are truly pure, organic, wild grown or ecocert certified - with moisturizing, conditioning and repairing properties for the hair.

      This means that our product formulas are made without harmful chemicals. The product formulas have been worked out to perfection. We do not compromise on effectiveness - making them suitable for professional use as well. 

      All our shampoo bars are free from sulfates, silicones, palm oil, preservatives, synthetic perfumes and are packaged in a recyclable paper packaging.

      How do you use a shampoo bar?

      Using shampoo bar is easy. We will tell you step by step how to use them. First of all, choose a product that suits your hair type. Wet your hair and rub the bar gently to mildly on the hair to produce a lot of foam. If the foam does not form properly, rinse the hair and repeat the soaping. Use warm water to clean the hair well. Don't forget to also apply foam to the ends. After shampooing, use a hair care product that matches your hair type. For example, an conditioner bar - Hemp of natural hair rinses. Store the shampoo bar in a soap dish. When the shampoo bar gets wet, it becomes soft and can melt.

      Washing your hair with our organic shampoo bars help you naturally remove dirt and chemicals from your hair. The result is a healthy looking and stronger hair structure. To take extra care of your hair you can take care  argan oil  or us Hair Mask & Conditioner - Coconut Milk use.

      Complete selection of hair soaps for every hair type

      We often hear a question, how to use shampoo bar with different hair types? Our all-natural selection of hair care is designed for different hair and scalp types. There is always a product that is perfect for your hair type or color. We have special products for sensitive scalps such as our odorless and soft Rhassoul Clay. The anti-dandruff shampoo with hemp is specially designed for people with a problematic scalp with complaints such as itching, dandruff and irritation. You will also find a natural shampoo against hair loss in our offer. Find more detailed information on each product page or read how to choose the right shampoo bar.

      How long do you use one shampoo bar depends on your hair length and how often you wash your hair. Our advice is that one bar lasts about four times longer than a bottle version - about 80-120 times. Short hair naturally needs less product than longer hair to get clean. 

      How to use shampoo bar for example when traveling? Easy. Just put it in a soap box and make sure the bar has time to dry after each use. This makes your travels easier as you never have to worry about leaky bottles of shampoo in your toiletry bag. A shampoo bar is also ideal if you travel with hand luggage, because there is no question of a liquid product.