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Natural odorless cosmetics for sensitive skin

Fragrances play an important role in cosmetics and often even influence the purchase decision. Unfortunately, cosmetic perfumes are not for everyone. Pure, natural, odorless cosmetics can help treat one sensitive skin which can be irritated by cosmetic dyes and preservatives.

What do fragrance-free products? Flow Cosmetics fragrance-free products only contain a light aroma of the raw materials contained in the product. They contain no added scents from organic essential oils. They contain the simplest possible list of raw materials, without anything extra. Our products only contain ingredients that are effective. In this collection you will find products that are mild and suitable for the needs of the sensitive skin.

What is perfume free? Perfume is a synthetic component that gives the desired scent to a product. Flow Cosmetics' organic and natural products contain nothing synthetic and are therefore all perfume-free. The wonderful scents of our products come from pure organic essential oils. So if you're looking for natural and perfume-free products, this site is the right place for you. The entire collection of Flow Cosmetics is perfume free.

Natural grooming routine of a sensitive skin

De sensitive skin should be handled gently and it benefits from using high quality, nutritious and simple products, which support the skin's own function without irritating it. If your skin gets an allergic reaction easily, try new products on a small area of ​​the skin first.

Cleaner; milky oil-based balms are good for cleansing the skin sensitive skin. For example the Balm to Milk Cleanser - Mild facial cleanser. This gentle product turns milky in combination with water and does not need to be rubbed into the skin. Balm to Milk cleanser perfume free, but contains essential oil. 

Are you looking for a completely organic odorless product as a facial cleansing, then organic argan oil perfect. Uses this as an oil cleaning.

Facial spray; high-quality and natural facial spray supports the balance of sensitive skin and helps with hydration. Organic Rose Floral Water Facial Mist - Luxury toner pampers the skin and contains beneficial antioxidants that strengthen the skin. The mild and pleasant scent of rose water comes from real rose.

Serum; if you want to use serum in your skincare routine the one is perfume free Hyaluron & Probiotics Serum perfect. This is suitable for use under your facial oil. Hyaluron & Probiotics serum contains scents from organic essential oils.

Facial oil; nourishing and gentle facial oils that moisturize the skin are beneficial fragrance-free products sensitive skin. For example pampering the skin Organic Argan Oil or skin restorative biological Rosehip oil. If you haven't used facial oils before, you will be surprised by their results. 

Extra care; there are also soft and odorless cosmetic products that add extra care to your skincare routine. Lingonberry Bright 2: 1 - Brightening fruit acid mask is the best choice for sensitive skin, because this enzyme mask cares for and exfoliates the skin without damaging it.

Natural and fragrance-free products for daily use

If you do it completely fragrance-free products the following products are suitable. Multifunction Organic Argan Oil, Skin repairing Rosehip oil, nourishing and gently cleansing the skin Shampoo bar Rhassoul & Salt - for sensitive scalp and dry skin. Organic Shea Butter is rich in useful fatty acids and vitamins. These products are all mild enough to use on children. 

If you are fragrance sensitive and you are looking for the right makeup for you, check out the Korento Perfecting Mineral Base from Korento Cosmetics agrees. This completely odorless natural make-up powder does not irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions. 

All natural, organic and sustainable cosmetic products from Flow Cosmetics on this page are suitable for skin care of sensitive skin.