Normal Skin


      Natural skin care for normal skin

      Normal skin should be treated with respect for its own balance. Normal skin has all functions in balance, the skin is neither too dry nor too oily and it contains no significant impurities. The skin color is even and the skin is not easily irritated. Correctly selected natural skincare for normal skin keeps the skin in balance, protects against harsh conditions and air pollution and prevents premature skin aging. 

      Flow Cosmetics organic products are full of antioxidants, vitamins and robust Nordic energy. These nutritious products for normal skin treat the skin, without fillers and additives. When used regularly, they emphasize the natural glow and keep the skin elastic, resilient and radiant.

      The best products for normal skin

      Normal skin can also be dry, oily or impure - for example, this can be the result of incorrect skin care products and skin care routines, but also a bad lifestyle. That's why it's important to take care of the skin with respect and maintain its natural balance so as not to cause skin problems - no one wants to cause themselves unnecessary skin problems. 

      It is also not uncommon for aging to occur pigmentation spots appear on normal skin. Fortunately, these can also be curbed by using the right cosmetic products.

      As with any skin type, it is recommended to use the products for normal skin choose carefully. Normal skin also needs care. Your skin is aging and needs more nutrients to stay smooth and vibrant. The best products for normal skin are nutritious products. On this page you will find an entire routine for natural skincare for normal skin.

      Cleaner; the best products are mild and milky cleaners that do not contain alcohol. Like the moisturizing Honey Milk - Luxury facial cleanser or Balm to Milk Cleanser - Natural cleanser. Both products contain essential fatty acids, they thoroughly cleanse the skin and leave it nourished. This ensures radiant skin.

      Facial spray; If there are occasional impurities in normal skin, you can also use the Lavender Floral Water Facial Mist - Balancing toner use.

      Serum; serum is not necessary in natural skin care for normal skin unless you have a special need. However, serum is a great additional product for normal skin if, for example, you want to brighten the skin. The antioxidant rich hyaluronic acid serum - Hyaluron & Probiotics slows down premature skin aging and protects against air pollution.

      cream and moisturizer;  normal skin benefits from antioxidant rich, nourishing and moisturizing creams that protect the skin during the day. For normal skin, choose a vitamin-rich and skin-renewing product Bilberry Moisturizer Cream - Face Cream. If you're over 30, you may want to slow down aging changes. Then the skin rejuvenating Retinol cream RetinLift the best choice for your beauty routine. Use this together with natural eye cream Green tea & Peptides.

      Facial Oil: All skin types benefit from high-quality facial oils. This is because oils provide occlusion: they help lock in the moisture that is already present in the skin. They also contain essential fatty acids, vitamins and active ingredients. Ideal products for normal skin are, for example, high-quality organic oils such as Rosehip oil of Organic Argan Oil making the skin velvety soft. Or skin brightening and fortifying Lingonberry Bright - Brightening facial oil.

      Did you know? Even if your skin type is normal, your skin can change due to aging. For example, there can pigmentation spots appear on the skin. If you know that you are prone to pigment changes, it is worth paying attention to your daily cosmetic choices and that you do not go out into the sun unprotected. Read more here remove pigmentation spots - and find the best tips. 

      Extra skin care for normal skin; if you want extra hydration and deep cleansing for your skin, you should exfoliate the face regularly. An ideal product for this is: Hyaluronic acid mask - Strawberry Milk Mask or fruit acid peeling Lingonberry Bright. These gentle and moisturizing masks remove dead skin cells, brighten and help other products for normal skin to better absorb into the skin. Use the mask once or twice a month for best results. Prefer no peeling mask? Then try Aha & Bha Peeling Serum.

      All natural, organic and sustainable cosmetics products from Flow Cosmetics on this page are suitable for normal skin care. also look at Korento Cosmetics, completely natural and sustainable makeup with skin care properties