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Natural skin care

With the broad and divine assortment of natural skin care products for the entire body's care, every day can be a little luxurious. Our products are made to optimally maintain, improve and care for the body. And we keep it simple; Each product has been created with four key aspects: nutrient-rich plant extracts, aromatherapy essential oils, organic vegetable oils and a touch of love.

With our natural skin care products you maintain your skin with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. The products contain only the best quality pure Ecocert-certified raw materials, such as vitamin-rich organic shea butter, hemp oil full of omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, and rose salt from the Himalayas. This cleanses your skin, and helps remove toxins from the body.

That is why our natural skincare products are the dream of every skin.

Every skin is different, It is therefore important that you use the right products. From the selection of natural skin care you will find products for very sensitive and dry skin, for oily skin, for irritated or itchy skin, atopic skin but also for eczema or psoriasis. We also have products that are safe during pregnancy and products that are child-friendly.

We often get questions about our scrub. Namely whether these 100% are without micro-plastics? Don't worry: our Scrub contains only 100% organic and natural ingredients so micro-plastic is not on the list! In addition to the scrubs, our best-selling products are shea butter with hemp oil, and our natural deodorants 'Calendula and Hemp'

Healthy, well-treated skin is soft, feels elastic, and is the most beautiful jewel of a woman or man. Let these natural skin care products surprise you!

The best-selling natural skin care products are 100% organic shea butter, hemp shea butter (the first-aid against eczema) scrub with a coconut & lemon and the natural deodorant that is backing soda free.

All natural skin care product packaging is recyclable! Glass packaging is perfectly recyclable and can be recycled with glass. The plastic lids can be recycled with plastic.