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Organic shampoo bars and natural hair care

Washing your hair with our organic shampoo bars and vinegar-based hair rinse helps you to remove dirt and chemicals from your hair in a natural way. The result is a healthy looking and stronger hair structure. The all-natural hair care selection is designed for the different types of hair and scalp. Therefore, there is always a product that is perfect for your hair type or color. We also have special products for the sensitive scalp, such as our odorless Rhassoul clay shampoo bar for example. Our best-selling shampoo bar, however, is hemp shampoo.

Flow shampoo bars are organic, natural, environmentally friendly and 100% zero waste. As you may know, we stand hand in hand with nature. We only choose ingredients that are somewhat pure, organic, grown in the wild or ecocert-certified. Our collection contains eight organic shampoos in the form of a shampoo bar and natural conditioners with Ecocert certification.

What is a shampoo bar?

Shampoo bar, shampoo soap, hair soap and organic shampoo: some synonyms used for our purest shampoo. A shampoo bar is a shampoo in solid form that looks like a cube of soap. Our shampoo bars only contain pure organic ingredients, with moisturizing, caring and repairing properties for the hair. A real superfood for your locks!

Our shampoo bars are made from natural soap and vegetable oils. These are processed cold and mixed with lye. The lye starts a saponification process in the oil and the result is a hair soap. At the end of this process, the lye has disappeared and is no longer present in the end product. Thanks to the cold process, the biological active ingredients are optimally preserved. The added herbs, berries, clays and salts distinguish our handmade shampoo bars from those of industrial producers.

All our shampoo bars are free from sulphates, silicones, palm oil, preservatives, perfumes and are packaged in a recyclable paper packaging.

Which shampoo bar is best for my hair?

Our range consists of nine beautiful shampoo bars. You can make a choice based on your hair type. You can also shampoo bar testers order and try how it works for you! Including free shipment.