Fat skin


      Taking care of one fat skin

      A fat skin shines and feels greasy or oily, it is usually slightly thicker than other skin types, pores are visible and there are blemishes and blemishes on the face. 

      If you suffer from oily skin and you are wondering what to do against oily skin, organic cosmetics can be a solution. Oily skin is partially hereditary, but you can influence the balance and condition of your skin yourself through your choice of product. Flow Cosmetics offers a wide range for the needs of oily skin. The organic products are based on nourishing, vegetable and vitamin and antioxidant-rich ingredients. They are mild yet effective and help the skin to find balance.

      What to do about oily skin?

      If you treat your oily skin incorrectly, it can cause more skin problems. The sebum production in oily skin is out of balance, causing the skin to produce too much fat (sebum). Increased sebum production often leads to clogged pores. This causes blemishes and blackheads. So what can you do for oily skin? To balance oily skin, use gentle products designed to balance sebum secretion while moisturizing the skin. If the skin is too dry, it will produce more sebum in an attempt to make up for the lack of moisture.

      Cleaner; the soft torch tree facial cleanser Detox  is specially designed for the fat skin. It is produced with superfatting which makes it a nourishing, beneficial cleanser for blemished skin without drying out. The activated carbon absorbs impurities and reduces blackheads. Also suitable for (young) men who do not know what they can do against oily skin and pimples.

      Oily skin benefits from milky and creamy cleansers such as the non-foaming ones nnatural cleaner Balm to Milk, which thoroughly removes dirt and make-up and leaves the skin soft.

      Facial spray; high-quality facial sprays help fat skin balance. Lavender Floral Water Facial Mist - Balancing toner is antiseptic and reduces excess sebum production. Spray the facial spray on cleansed and dry skin. Apply a moisturizing product afterward. Natural facial spray can be used both morning and evening.

      Serum; if you want to use a serum in your grooming routine, it is Hyaluronic acid serum suitable for oily skin. Apply serum to the face in the evening before applying facial oil.

      cream: The use of cream is not necessary in natural skin care for oily skin, unless you have a special need. This is because for oily skin, a combination of serum and oil is often sufficient. For example, what might be a special need? Aging, for example. If you're over 30, you may want to slow down aging changes. Then add the skin rejuvenating Retinol cream RetinLift en natural eye cream with Green tea & Peptides in your evening routine.

      Facial oil; facial oils are suitable in the care routine for oily skin. For example the Dry Oil Detox, specially developed for oily skin. The ingredients in the product are especially good for oily skin as they dissolve the sebum in the pores - while moisturizing the skin. Light and nourishing Organic Argan Oil is a beneficial, natural product for oily skin, because argan oil balances sebum production. 

      Extra care; deep cleansing masks have a positive effect on the skin with regular use. It Detox Mask 3 in 1 - Cleansing & exfoliating mask cleanses the pores and leaves the skin feeling elastic and hydrated. Also check us out hyaluronic acid mask - Strawberry milk mask. This mask bbalances sebum secretion and effectively removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

      Makeup; are you already following a natural and appropriate skin care routine but still wondering? what to do against oily skin? Think about your make-up products, not all make-up products are good for your skin. Do you know Korento Cosmetics already? Natural make-up with skin care properties, without comedogenic ingredients. These products do not clog your pores, which reduces pimples and blackheads. 

      All natural, organic and sustainable cosmetic products from Flow Cosmetics on this page are suitable for the skin care of oily skin