The best natural facial creams and serums for face

Serum face

The best and most effective organic facial cream or natural serum contains only pure ingredients.


      Natural facial creams and serums with organic ingredients play an important role in natural facial care. Also called skin boosters because they contain a very high number of active ingredients. A good natural face serum or natural face cream is water-based, lightweight and can be quickly absorbed by the skin. Our natural face care products contain low molecular weight ingredients. This ensures that they easily penetrate the skin layers. In this way, serums can deliver important nutrients deep into the skin and ensure lasting skin improvement.

      About Flow serums and natural facial creams

      Flow serums and natural facial creams are designed for the daily care and treatment of specific skin problems. And this is exactly what they do: they restore, protect and make the skin vital and healthy. Whether you're looking for anti-aging products or want to treat skin problems such as dryness or acne. If you choose serums and creams in your beauty routine, you will definitely see results. Combine an organic facial cream or natural serum with a mild cleanser and face spray. You will see that your skin is more nourished and softer than ever!

      Serum face

      What is the best natural serum or facial cream?

      Everyone wants to be the best natural serum or the best organic face cream skincare routine steps to use. This is only logical! But the best natural serum for your face is subjective and can vary depending on individual skin types, needs and preferences. Therefore, there is not just one answer to the question; what is the best natural facial serum or facial cream? Anyway, there are some guidelines for the best natural face serum or natural face cream. Without these factors, your expensive face serum is not as effective as you might think. At Flow Cosmetics we follow the guidelines below to offer the best serums on the natural beauty market.

      The best natural serum face or facialcream meets these requirements:

      • A hhigh concentration of active ingredients. The best face serum contains an increased concentration of active ingredients for maximum results. Examples of this include antioxidants, vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid and A perfect example of this is us best retinol serum.
      • Gentle but effective. Many beauty products promise fast results. Great, but this is often harmful to your skin and natural balance. Organic facial care is a marathon, not a sprint. Our skin benefits most from gentle, but effective ingredients. A good example of this is Flow peeling face with AHA & BHA. This product provides professional skin results with respect for the natural skin barrier.
      • The best natural facial serum or natural facial cream contains vmorning-regulating ingredients. These are ingredients that provide moisture and help hydrate the skin. In addition, they soften, protect, and improve the overall health & appearance of the skin. It best hyaluronic acid serum from Flow, for example, contains moisture-binding hyaluronic acid in two different molecular sizes.
      • Organic ingredients generally have a lot Higher level at performing nutrients. Organic plants, herbs and berries are rich sources of precious and nutritious bioactive substances, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids. This is what you want in effective skin care!
      • A natural serum or natural face cream needs protection against oxidation. UVA rays can penetrate deep into the skin and damage the lower layers of the skin - and this equally applies to They also need protection. Therefore, buy them in the darkest possible packaging and preferably in an airtight bottle. Otherwise the expensive product is in your natural wrinkle treatment soon not worth much anymore.
      • A natural facial serum or organic cream does not contain any questionable substances. Cosmetic products contain certain substances that have been found to be harmful to the skin. Both the best serum and facial creams are free of these substances. 
      • Processing of active ingredients at low temperatures. When temperatures rise, the loss of nutrients and antioxidants will increase. If you want your natural face cream to deliver skin results, choose products that you know are produced at low temperatures. This is also why we do this for our natural facial oil.

      Flow Serums and natural facial creams for every skin

      Flow Cosmetics' skin boosters, or our serums and facial creams, are made to be as multifunctional as possible. They meet the needs of different skin types and skin conditions depending on use. When using the products correctly, for example with a toner face or facial oil, you can meet the unique purpose of your beauty routine. Below is a brief introduction to our natural facial creams and serums. This helps you find the right products in your beauty routine.

      Can I have both natuurlijk serum face and cream at the same time use in my routine? Naturally! This is called a layering technique. The more layers you build up, the more moisture and nutrients you provide to the skin. Apply the products to the skin in order from light to heavy. After a cleanser: facial spray, serum, eye cream, facial cream and finish with facial oil. In addition, for a targeted approach to skin problems, you can also opt for a weekly mask. As in a acne treatment at home.

      Hyaluron & Probiotics natural serum face

      Hyaluron & Probiotics natural facial serum makes the skin noticeably firmer and smoother, even after the first use! Every skin type and skin condition benefits from using this product: from normal to dry skin and from... natural remedy for eczema to something which really helps against wrinkles. Regular use of this natural facial serum balances the skin, improves skin texture and strengthens the skin barrier.

      The Hyaluron & Probiotics formula is a unique composition of carefully selected ingredients. These hydrate, brighten and balance. This natural facial serum contains properties that make it one of our effective ones acne products. It is also an essential product when you benefit from a protective barrier of the skin, for example when treating clown eczema.

      Natural serum face

      AHA & BHA Peeling Serum

      This skin rejuvenating and brightening facial serum is beneficial for all skin types, especially aged skin, impure skin and dull skin with pigment spots or irritation pigment. The effectiveness of this product is based on the power of natural and organic fruit acids and salicylate. These ingredients in this natural face serum have wonderful properties that will make your skin feel and look different. This facial serum softens fine lines, repairs skin cells and reduces impurities clogged pores. This makes the fat skin less and it feels less greasy.

      For the best results, use this peeling serum about 2 to 3 times a week. Do not use simultaneously with other exfoliating products such as a facial mask. To remove pigment spots, use the product as a treatment: every evening for two weeks and then give your skin a rest for at least two weeks. 

      Even though all skin types benefit from using this natural serum for face, sometimes you have to be careful. Like when the atopic skin (eczema) is in an acute phase (cracked skin). Then skip using it. In this case it is better to first let the skin calm down and recover before stimulating it.

      Green Tea & Peptide eye cream for every skin

      The eye cream belongs to the facial creams, although it is only used for a small part of the face. As the name suggests: around the eyes. This part of the facial skin is slightly thinner and therefore requires a slightly different type of product.

      Natural eye cream Green Tea & Peptide is extremely rich in active ingredients. Think of peptides, caffeine, green tea extract and hyaluronic acid. In other words, all effective ingredients that can penetrate deep into the skin. This natural facial cream brightens, hydrates and softens the skin wrinkles under eyes. The result is a fresh look! It is suitable for all skin, even sensitive skin. Use the product daily, both morning and evening. Apply after a natural facial serum, but before using a natural facial cream. Read more about it here removing dark circles and puffinessn.

      Retinol natural face cream

      Face creams with retinol are very popular! Simply because they work like a magic wand in skin care and skin improvement. Read more about this here what is retinol good for? The Retinol cream from Flow Cosmetics contains an exceptionally high concentration of active ingredients. And a completely new form of retinol; NovoRetin. The great advantage is that this slows down the breakdown of naturally occurring retinoic acid. The formulation is designed to protect against harmful external influences and slow down skin aging.

      Flow RetinLift natural face cream with retinol is suitable for all skin types. Particularly beneficial against skin aging or as part of rosacea products. Regular use of the retinol product along with our rose water facial spray effectively helps in the treatment of Red cheeks.

      Natural face cream

      Bilberry Moisture natural facial cream for every skin

      Natural face cream Bilberry Moisture Cream is a basic care for every skin type. This nutritious yet light cream helps renew skin cells, while strengthening and protecting the skin against impurities. The product contains lavender, rosemary, shea butter and organic argan oil.

      The beneficial, vitamin and antioxidant-rich composition can be used daily, morning and evening. The product is quickly absorbed by the skin. Also ideal for facial care for men. Also very suitable for the care of normal skin as a day cream, or for extra hydration of dry or combination skin.

      Arctic Beauty Cream natural face cream for dry skin

      The Arctic Beauty facial cream is created for the demanding needs of dry skin and even extremely dry skin face. The natural face cream intensively hydrates, strengthens the skin barrier, reduces flaking and restores the skin's elasticity. Like all other facial creams from Flow Cosmetics, Arctic Beauty Cream contains only organic and ecocert certified cosmetic ingredients. Examples include nourishing plant oils, intensively nourishing herbal extracts and moisture-binding bamboo water. These ingredients also provide antioxidant protection and slow down premature skin aging. 

      This natural facial cream can be used daily, morning and evening. Regular use softens lines accentuated by dry skin or very dry skin so you can also use it as part of a natural wrinkle treatment.

      Propolis and probiotics rescue cream

      The Propolis & probiotics Cream contains a unique combination of active ingredients. With the ability to optimally care for and repair troubled eczema skin, acne, atopic skin or psoriasis. The propolis ointment effectively reduces itching, irritation and rashes. Helps strengthen the protective skin barrier. Can be used for the face, hands, feet or body. Read more about this here the power of propolis in skin care.

      Serums and facial creams in a results-oriented routine

      When you choose high-quality serums in your beauty routine, you want to get the most out of them. Use the product with the steps below. Use twice a day, as part of your morning and evening routine. This makes your skin radiant and healthy.

      1. Start your routine with one natural facial cleanser and apply it to the face. Rinse and gently pat the face dry.
      1. Spray the natural facial spray on a clean face, neck and décolleté. Press the face gently so that the product penetrates the skin better. This gives your skin a hydration boost and helps the natural facial serum do its job even better.
      1. Apply the natural serum to the face, neck and décolleté. The velvety texture spreads easily over the face and does not leave a sticky feeling.
      1. Now apply a natural facial cream. The more layers your routine contains, the more nutrients and moisture your skin receives. This is especially important with skin aging and application dry skin products.
      1. Finally, apply facial oil. Use two to four drops on a clean face, neck and décolleté. This routine and sequence is suitable for almost all skin types. Be careful if you suffer from skin conditions that respond quickly to cosmetic products, such as: eczema face or rosacea. And when you use a new facial product, try it on a small area of ​​skin first. Just to be sure.

      Final tip: complement a targeted treatment with one of ours natural face masks for an even faster result. Once or twice a week is sufficient.