Natural facial cleansers for every skin type

Natural facial cleanser

High-quality natural facial cleansers thoroughly cleanse the skin - without disrupting its natural balance.

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      Natural facial cleanser is gentle but effective

      A natural facial cleanser is one of the most important steps natural face care. It forms the foundation of your beauty routine. A high-quality cleanser removes dirt and makeup from the face, leaving the skin feeling cared for and fresh. And most importantly: an oil-based facial cleanser washes the skin thoroughly - without disrupting its natural balance. This respects the skin and restores its vitality. This way you are also protected against premature skin aging.

      With the necessary attention to cleansing your skin, in combination with a natural cleanser, you will certainly see results. Your skin feels softer and more elastic. Good cleansing is the basis of your skincare routine; it prepares your skin to accept other products such as a moisturizing facial spray and an facial serum to record.

      Natural gfacial cleanser with organic ingredients

      A natural facial cleanser with organic ingredients is definitely popular – and that makes sense! They go hand in hand with effective beauty products and sustainable cosmetics. That's why all Flow Cosmetics products are made with certified ingredients.

      In addition to effectiveness, the organic ingredients in our natural facial cleansers have another important property. Their clean, controlled production ensures that the ingredients do not contain residues of, for example, pesticides during cultivation. Organic farming also contributes to the well-being of both the environment and people. By ensuring balance, productivity and diversity in the long term. In addition, it offers opportunities for promoting social justice. Certainly enough reasons to switch to using natural facial cleansers from Flow Cosmetics!

      Natural oil-based facial cleanser

      The natural facial cleansers from Flow Cosmetics are anhydrous. This means that they do not contain water but an oil base. This means they are undiluted and last a long time. The products Balm to Milk cleanser, Honey Milk and Detox differ slightly from each other. Yet they have one thing in common. They are made to treat the skin in the best possible way. They are full of effective ingredients and meet the needs of different skin types. They are even suitable for the atopic skin.

      Natural oil-based facial cleanser has several skin care benefits. To name a few:

      • Cold-pressed oils are full of active ingredients. Using a natural facial cleanser leaves valuable nutrients on the skin. This way, a good skin treatment in your routine starts right away with the first product.
      • This cleaning method is based on the principle: oil dissolves oil. This means that even the fat skin benefits from these types of products. The oils in the product absorb sebum and impurities from the skin.
      • A gentle oil-based facial cleanser is also suitable for skin types that are sensitive and respond quickly to care products. A typical feature of this is, for example, a rash around the mouth (clown eczema).
      • Oil-based products are not susceptible to bacterial growth. Therefore, with a natural oil-based facial cleanser, there is no need to use questionable preservatives. We only choose pure raw materials - just like in ours natural facial mask en natural facial oil.

      Did you know: Many facial cleansers on the market contain too aggressive ingredients? Ingredients such as SLS or SLES provide an oil-free skin feeling and ensure smooth skin. But it also has another side. Products that are too strong disrupt the natural balance of the skin. This can cause various types of skin problems, such as acne, rosacea and premature skin aging. A high-quality natural facial cleanser is therefore the basis rosacea products and part of the best acne products. And at the same time a smart way to remove wrinkles naturally.

      Natural cleanser

      Natural cleanser for each skin type

      Your skin is unique. This also means that it has unique needs - depending on the skin results you want to achieve. Here we briefly introduce each natural cleanser to you. It's your choice which one suits your skin type best.

      Balm to Milk Cleanser: a popular product for every skin type

      Gentle but deep facial cleansing for daily use, regardless of your skin type? Then you choose Balm to Milk in you skincare routine steps. The effectiveness of this product is based on the power of oils, including jojoba and castor oil. Have these researched benefits, such as softening the skin's surface while absorbing impurities. This removes sebum and dirt from deep within the pores. These oils also regulate moisture and make the skin elastic and vital. Suitable for all skin types, especially ideal if natural anti-aging care. Also suitable for the demanding combined skin. If your skin suffers from irritation pigment, then choose Balm to Milk cleanser in your routine.

      Honey Milk facial soap - Ideal for dry and normal skin

      If you are looking for a natural cleanser that is long lasting and full of nutritious ingredients, Honey Milk is the best choice. Especially if you have dry or... normal skin have. The effectiveness of this product is based on high-quality and nutrient-rich organic ingredients. These can gently cleanse the skin and help maintain its elasticity. Lingonberry oil and raw honey both contain a wide range of antioxidants and fatty acids that optimally nourish and protect the skin. This natural facial cleanser is an ideal cleanser for the dry skin.

      Note: This natural facial cleanser has a block shape. This is also called facial soap. You may be wondering whether it is wise to do so dry skin face wash with soap? Rest assured, read more about our block facial cleansers here and discover: is soap bad for your skin?

      Detox - Natural cleanser for balance and against impurities

      Every skin type needs a gentle wash. Including acne-prone and oily skin. Despite this fact, many of the cleansers dry out the skin. The best acne products do not make the skin dry - they actually provide balancing and antibacterial properties. Our Detox soap is formulated with ingredients that meet the demanding needs of oily and impure skin. Including salicylates, activated charcoal and antiseptic Tea Tree. These help balance sebum secretion and relieve inflammation. Use this facial cleanser regularly with a lavender facial peel face spray and a moisturizer. They form a routine that helps your skin recover from impurities. If you like this product natural facial care men If you choose, you can certainly wash your beard with it.

      Oil-based facial cleanser - for fast-reactive skin

      Although Flow Cosmetics' natural cleansers are mild, some skin types require even gentler care. By this we mean one sensitive skin en facial eczema. Because these skin conditions react easily, it is better to wash your facial skin with a product that contains only one ingredient. For example with pure organic argan oil. This method is Oil Cleansing named. Oil cleansing can be done without water and can even be used if your skin cannot tolerate much at the time.

      Oil-based facial cleanser

      Cleanser in your beauty routine

      When you choose a high-quality organic cleanser in your beauty routine, you naturally want to get the most out of it. You do this by following these steps:

      1. Apply the natural facial cleanser gently and slowly. The longer you do this, the more your skin has time to enjoy all the valuable nutrients of the product. Then rinse well.
      2. Do you use ours? peeling face? Then this is the time to apply it.
      3. A fog like facial toner can be used to balance the pH value of your skin. This product is also suitable as a light cleaning or refreshment in between.
      4. Finally, use the products that fit into your facial routine and enjoy well-groomed and vital skin!