Natural facial care for radiant skin

Natural face care

If your heart beats faster for natural facial care, you will definitely fall in love with the organic facial products from Flow Cosmetics.

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      Natural facial care for vital and healthy skin

      Natural facial care, made from 100% organic ingredients, is the secret to vital, healthy and radiant skin. At Flow Cosmetics we design our products to meet the needs of different skin types.

      With the right combination of products, they support each other's properties and meet the unique objectives of your beauty routine. Follow the right beauty routine with organic facial care and support the natural functions of your skin, for guaranteed long-term results.

      Organic facial care

      Natural facial care is our passion

      For us, facial care means much more than just a row of beautiful products. At Flow Cosmetics the focus is on pure organic ingredients. These can work wonders in skin care. That is why our products only contain carefully selected ingredients. They are all wild grown, certified organic or ecocert. There is nothing unnecessary or questionable in ours natural face care. The scents of the products come from organic essential oils. Because we believe in holistic approach and aromatherapy - instead of synthetic fragrances.

      Organic facial care product range

      Facial care with organic beauty products is definitely a trend – and that is actually quite logical. Organic facial care products have a particularly effective effect. Most skin types experience immediate positive effects after the first use. The skin looks healthier and feels soft and cared for. It is also a way to remove wrinkles naturally. This is because our organic facial care contains a large amount of active ingredients, in their purest form. Organic ingredients generally have a much higher level of performing nutrients. Organic plants, herbs and berries are rich sources of precious and nutritious bioactive substances, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids.

      At Flow Cosmetics we have packaged the power of these raw materials in an extensive line of natural facial care. This way we can meet the needs of every skin type and offer products that really work! Our organic facial products can be used both at home and in a beauty salon. Are you a beautician? Please contact us and get more information about the salon products from Flow Cosmetics.

      Facial cleansers

      Natural facial cleanser is one of the most important steps in facial care. Good cleansers are plant-based and gentle on the skin. They effectively remove dirt and make-up but keep the skin's natural protective mechanism intact. Do you suffer from acne or pimples and pimples? Our green facial cleansers on this page belong to the best products for acne. Flow Cosmetics facial cleansers are formulated with the best organic ingredients, which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and oils.

      A high-quality cleanser is a good investment in your facial care - it can combat skin problems such as... eczema in face en clown eczema prevent. Our facial cleanser range contains four different products, each with slightly different characteristics. You can use our gentle products once or twice a day to clean your face. Discover the selection of cleansers in our natural facial care and find the right product for your skin!

      Facial sprays or toners

      Lotion, toner or some face spray. It doesn't matter what you want to call it, but this is a product that belongs to results-oriented natural facial care. Our facial spray balances the pH of your skin, regulates moisture and helps deliver valuable nutrients deeper into your skin. Another advantage; toner face also enhances the effect of other products. Flow Cosmetics facial sprays are made from pure distillation of plants, rich in active components. Our toners meet the needs of every skin type, but are very useful in the care of atopic skin. And are inseparable from products for the dry skin.

      Facial care

      Masks in natural facial care

      Natural face mask is an essential part of organic facial care. However, it is a product that you don't need to use every day. Use a mask as extra cleansing and to stimulate the effect of other products, ideally once or twice a week.

      Flow Cosmetics facial masks are designed for the needs of different skin types. They help purify, hydrate and gently exfoliate the skin. The high-quality and skin-balancing ingredients come from nature and are full of the power the skin needs.

      The balancing and exfoliating Detox mask is a perfect choice for... fat skin. The hyaluronic acid mask immediately improves normal skin. And the mild Lingonberry Bright face mask is even suitable for the sensitive skin. This product is also suitable for it treat rosacea naturally

      Serums, peels and creams

      The natural facial care products in this category are something we are absolutely proud of. Our creams, serum face and peeling are not only the best-selling natural facial care. They have also been nominated internationally. And that is not without reason. We call products in this category the boosters from organic facial care.

      These products are concentrated and contain a high amount of active cosmetics ingredients. So that they stimulate the skin and effectively tackle specific skin problems. Thanks to the unique formulation, the ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin for the desired result. Natural facial care gives the skin the opportunity to effectively repair, renew and protect itself. Targeted and regular use guarantees skin improvement. Below we introduce our skin boosters. Discover quickly what the best natural facial care can do for you!

      • peeling face. Renews and stimulates the skin. Rejuvenates and brightens the skin. Regular use of this facial peel helps your skin to become vital and radiant and is an indispensable product for it remove pigment spots. It also has a first place in the best acne products.
      • Hyaluronic acid serum. Regulates moisture and supports a healthy microbiome on the skin. A product wonder for every skin type. Indispensable for natural skin care for older skin. This product has been internationally nominated as the best hyaluron serum.
      • Peptide & Green Tea eye cream. Organic facial care is completed with this product. Our natural eye cream brightens the skin and reduces a tired look.
      • Bilberry Moisture Cream. Product for daily use and for everyone. Strengthens the skin and protects against the formation of impurities. A great choice for the demanding care of the combined skin.
      • Retinol Cream. You may have heard of retinol before. Using retinol products is absolutely part of the best facial care. Our retinol cream supports the functioning of your skin in a special way. It is completely natural and you will see results within a few days.

      Facial oil

      Using creams and serums in facial care lacks the finishing touch without it natural facial oil. High-quality oils play an important role in natural facial care. Facial oils are known for their anti-aging properties and healing benefits. Facial oil provides occlusion. They help lock in the moisture that is already present in the skin. This effect also ensures that the products used work better.

      High-quality organic oils provide the skin with essential nutrients such as fatty acids, which help retain moisture and protect the skin against external influences. They can be used for various applications, such as against pigmentation spots and even for sensitive skin. Read more information on the product pages. This way you will find the right product for your organic facial care.

      Best facial care

      What is the best natural facial care? This is a combination of the right ingredients, products and regular use. The best facial care is also based on knowledge and conscious actions. Make sure you have the best products for your beauty routine at home that do not work against your skin. This also means using natural makeup products. Read more about the importance of natural here make-up without harmful substances.

      Targeted facial care is a joint effort, ours and yours. The only way to experience the power of the best organic facial care is to try our products. At Flow Cosmetics we have used our deep knowledge and passion to create facial products that are always natural, always effective and always honest. Trust us and you won't regret it <3