Natural Face Masks

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      Natural facial masks 

      De natural face masks from Flow Cosmeticsfull of nourishing ingredients and they deeply nourish the skin. They leave the skin feeling soft and looking smoother - you'll notice a radiant glow and a more refreshed appearance immediately after the first use. 

      De masks for the face are an important addition to the skincare routine and you can use them once or twice a week. By regularly enjoying a mask, your other products are absorbed faster and deeper into the skin. Pine treenatural face masks help for example facial sprays of face creams & serums and serums work more efficiently. This means that when you regularly apply a mask to your face, you increase the positive effects of your other products. This will help you get the results you want to see faster.

      What are the benefits of one mask for the face?

      When using a mask for face you get the feeling of tighter skin after single use. This is not the only advantage. A mask cleans the pores deep, removes the dead skin cells, metabolic waste and the fatty substances that can clog the skin. Use of facial masks increases hydration. The useful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin epidermis to soften and moisturize the skin. When the skin is well hydrated, it is more elastic and looks fuller and more youthful. It natural facial mask reduces fine lines and gives an even skin tone. Regular use of masks helps the skin fight the signs of aging, such as fine wrinkles and brown spots. It also reduces hyperpigmentation and gives a more even skin tone and texture.

      Natural facial masks for your skin type

      Choosing the right one mask for your face consists of two criteria: what are the active ingredients of the mask and what is your skin type. If your skin is dry and sensitive, a clarifying and mild face mask with fruit enzymes is suitable for your skin. For example, choose the fruit acid peeling - Lingonberry Bright 2:1. Are you looking for a nourishing, cleansing, hydrating mask that makes the skin youthful and radiant? It Hyaluronic acid Mask - Strawberry Milk mask 2: 1 is suitable for every skin type and guarantees results even after the first use. Detox Mask 3: 1 with activated charcoal, raw honey and salicylates deeply cleanses, exfoliates and treats particularly oily and impure skin. 

      All our masks are 100% natural, do not contain emulsifiers and are easy to use. They are suitable for professional use.