Natural facial masks for every skin type

Natural facial masks

With our natural face masks give your skin extra cleansing, hydration and exfoliation.

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      A natural face mask is an important addition to your skincare routine. Facial masks have multiple benefits for the skin, including brightening, rejuvenation, hydration and exfoliating properties. Something you definitely want natural face care. What does a mask do for your face? Read on quick.

      A natural face mask for results-oriented skin care

      Did you know that when you regularly enjoy a facial mask, other products are absorbed faster and deeper by the skin? For example, face masks help one serum face work more efficiently. In other words, you increase the positive effects of other beauty products. This will give you the skin effect you want to see faster. This is what we at Flow Cosmetics call result-oriented facial care. Read more about our natural face masks and get an answer to the question; what does a mask do for your face?

      natural face masks

      Facial masks with natural ingredients

      Flow Cosmetics facial masks are formulated with organic and certified natural ingredients. Simply because these raw materials contain the most active components and can stimulate skin renewal. Think of exfoliating fruit acids, moisturizing hyaluronic acid or deep cleansing salicylates in the best acne products. They leave skin feeling soft and looking smoother - you'll notice a radiant glow and a more refreshed appearance immediately after the first use.

      Thanks to few raw materials and effective action, our natural facial masks are suitable for every skin type and condition. All three facial masks are free from questionable or skin-irritating harsh substances. They are easy to use and suitable for salon use.

      Please note: although all skin types benefit from using a facial mask, there are some situations where you need to pay attention. Skip using the mask if the atopic skin is in an acute phase, such as cracked skin. The same applies to perioral dermatitis. Allow the skin to soothe and recover before stimulating it.

      The uniqueness of our natural facial masks

      The natural facial masks from Flow Cosmetics may be a little different than you are used to. What makes them special?

      • Masks face 3-in-1 or 2-in-1. The natural facial masks from Flow Cosmetics are made for multiple applications for extra intensive care. Firstly, you can use our facial masks for extra deep cleansing and exfoliation. In addition, the facial masks provide hydration and clarification. Ideal, for example, as a natural way to... remove pigment spots.
      • Mask face in pparent form. Two of Flow's face masks are in powder form. This is not without reason. A powder form keeps all the ingredients in the natural face mask active. This is particularly important for vitamin C, because it quickly loses its effectiveness after mixing with water. So in a powder facial mask, the substances only activate just before use. This means that the skin gets the best it needs for long-lasting results.
      • Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a popular and effective antioxidant that protects, hydrates and stimulates collagen production. So it is also one miracle cure for wrinkles. And as you have just read, it is possible to add Vitamin C as a cosmetic ingredient in active form in facial masks. A valuable thing, because this is very rare in facial masks. 
      • Raw honey. This power ingredient is included in our Detox facial mask. It is moisturizing, rich in vitamins and softens the skin. Hikian raw honey also contains glucose oxidase, which actively works against bacteria.

      What does a mask do for your face??

      There are several answers to the question; what does a mask do for your face. In short: a face mask cleans deeply, hydrates, tackles skin problems in a targeted manner and prepares your skin for other cosmetic products. After the first use of our facial masks, your skin will look firmer and healthier! You always get the most out of the mask if you apply it to clean skin. See the benefits below to discover what a mask does for your face.

      Below you can read more about how our various natural facial masks work from which you can choose.

      1. Deep cleaning

      A mask cleanses and the clogged pores, removes dead skin cells, metabolic waste and excess sebum that can clog the skin. This ensures an even and beautiful matte skin. A facial mask also has a moisture-regulating effect. This is important for every skin type, including oily skin care.

      2. Hydration and skin problems

      The beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid penetrate deeply through the outer layer to soften and hydrate the skin. When the skin is well hydrated, it is more elastic and looks fuller and more youthful. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines. So it is also a good way to remove wrinkles naturally. Exfoliating and smoothing properties give an even skin tone and healthy texture. This helps the skin fight the signs of aging as well as reducing irritation pigment.

      3. Inclusion of other beauty products

      When a facial mask has deeply cleansed, hydrated and exfoliated, the skin is 'open'. Just think how well other beauty products with active ingredients can be absorbed by your skin! For example, a retinol cream deliver next-level results.

      Note: Be aware of over-grooming. All products that exfoliate renew the skin. When the skin regenerates, it needs time to recover. Excessive use of exfoliating products burdens the skin and will deteriorate your skin condition. It is therefore not wise to use two exfoliating products on your face at the same time. If you're using a face mask, skip one facial peeling. And vice versa too!

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      Natural face masks by skin type

      Flow Cosmetics' natural facial masks are created to meet the needs of different skin types and skin conditions. They all have a slightly different effect. This can be supported by other targeted beauty products, such as natural facial oil. Regular use of a facial mask can alleviate and treat certain skin problems. Such as removing pigment spots or for a acne treatment at home. They are also one of the most important products in natural skin care for older skin.

      As you know, every skin is unique. That is why we briefly introduce our face masks here. This helps you find the right product for you skincare routine steps to find.

      Natural facial mask for visible results: Strawberry Milk 2:1

      This natural facial mask with hyaluronic acid is a product that gives your skin a huge boost. The effectiveness of this product is based on the power of hyaluronan, white willow bark (salicylates) and strawberry powder (vitamin C). This mask has deep cleansing, moisturizing and protective properties. And most importantly: it works as a gentle mechanical peeling. This way you can remove all dead skin cells from the skin surface. The result is a youthful, radiant appearance.

      Suitable for normal skin and facial care for dry skin. Because exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, this product is also excellent for treating oily skin. Leaves the skin beautiful and matte.

      Face mask sensitive and dry skin: Lingonberry Bright 2:1

      This natural face mask for sensitive and dry skin provides an even finish and gives your skin a fresh vitamin C boost. The effectiveness of this product is based on the power of fruit acids, enzymes from papaya (papain) and pineapple (bromelain) and valuable vitamin C. These ingredients gently but effectively exfoliate the skin surface and provide strong protection against oxidative stress.

      This facial mask provides radiant skin and reduces visible pores. And all this after the first use. Suitable for all skin types, beneficial for sensitive skin and combination skin. Many people who suffer from rosacea, such as Red cheeks, are looking for a gentle but effective mask. Lingonberry Bright can be used as a fruit acid peeling treat rosacea naturally. Gentle ingredients will not irritate the skin like synthetic counterparts.

      Face mask impure and fat skin: Detox mask 3:1

      This natural facial mask deeply cleanses, exfoliates and treats impure and... fat skin. Detox mask 3:1 works as a reset button and helps to balance the skin naturally. It contains a composition of highly active ingredients, including activated charcoal, raw honey and salicylates. These have the super power of calming the skin, removing impurities and inhibiting inflammation. Perfect for treating acne.

      Although all of our products are unisex, this product is often considered face mask men. Because of the green packaging and black product formula. If you are looking for more products for men, you can find them in the natural category facial care men.

      How do you use a face mask?

      When you choose a high-quality natural face mask in your beauty routine, you naturally want to get the most out of it. Therefore, use the product with the following steps and no more than once or twice a week. The best time to use a face mask is in the evening. The skin is then most receptive to effective ingredients. We do not recommend that you use a facial mask every day.

      1. Start your routine with one natural facial cleanser by gently applying it to the face. Then rinse and gently pat the face dry.
      1. Apply the mask to the face and let it absorb for 10-20 minutes. Preferably under a damp and warm towel. This stimulates facial masks and allows the valuable ingredients to do their work better. Finally, rinse with warm water.
      1. Spray your favorite natural facial spray on a clean face, neck and décolleté. Pat gently so that the product is better absorbed by the skin. A toner face balances the pH value.
      1. After a moisturizing facial spray Apply your other care products such as a serum, facial cream and/or. When you end up with an oil-based beauty product, the valuable nutrients and moisture from the other products in the skin are well absorbed by the skin.