Organic essential oils


      Pure essential oils of exceptional quality

      De essential oils from Flow Cosmetics are organic, pure and multifunctional. These powerful, undiluted products have their own unique properties with the holistic benefits for your body and mind. The use of real essential oils is called aromatherapy. They are suitable for home use, nursing, as a preventative source of well-being, as a health promoter and as a support for beauty care. All our powerful oils are produced with a sustainable process and they are bottled in small, recyclable bottles.

      Are you using aromatherapy for the first time? Then handle this wisely. Read the product descriptions on our product pages before use, to find the best products for your personal needs. Remember you pure essential oil should use sparingly: to achieve the ideal therapeutic effect, less often is more. It means that only a small amount is sufficient. 

      What is Essential Oil?

      Essential oil en essential oil are both used as a term for aromatherapy, they are synonyms of each other and therefore mean the same thing. By means of steam distillation the essential oil filtered from the rest of the plant. This leaves the best concentrate for our aromatherapeutic products. 

      Essential oils affect a person by inhalation or through the skin. They evaporate into the air in gas molecules that, when inhaled, travel through the thousands of olfactory epithelial cells behind the nose to the various hormonal centers in the brain. They tell the body how to respond - for example, refresh or relax. Their properties and areas of application depend on their chemical composition. For example, they can relieve pain, help drain fluid, balance hormonal activity, improve skin conditions and boost cellular metabolism. Often they are also antiseptic and kill bacteria. They also have a positive effect on mood.

      Essential oils give holistic effects 

      We use essential oils in our products to create holistic skincare products. The essential oils not only give our products a unique fragrance. They add valuable effects and help your body and mind work together harmoniously. Some holistic products are for example Arctic Beauty Oil, Marigold body butter and our original Chakra products.