Sustainable bamboo make-up brushes

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      The right tools influence the best result; make-up brushes that apply the product evenly, evenly and in the right place. Because we attach great importance to sustainability, we have next to our natural make-up now also added sustainable make-up brushes to our range. The makeup brushes are durable because they are made of bamboo, recyclable and renewable material. The hairs of the make-up brushes are also vegan.

      Want to buy sustainable make-up brushes?

      With you sustainable make up of course you want too durable make-up brushes to buy. Our brushes guarantee that your make-up is applied easily and without stains on the skin. For a beautiful make-up lookWe prove that sustainability can also be elegant and stylish with the appearance of our vegan bamboo make up brushes. A good investment for your make-up stuff, because with this you can move forward for the next 10 years!

      Professional brushes for all your make up

      Our sustainable bamboo make-up brushes meet the highest requirements and are therefore suitable for professional use. The ergonomic shapes provide a good and light grip. You have perfect control over the movements when applying the make-up.

      Durable powder brush

      This powder brush is made for application for powdered make-up such as; setting powder, mineral make up or powder foundation. Also an excellent make-up brush for blending powder (mix flawlessly).

      Blush brush, highlighter brush and contour brush

      This blush brush helps create a natural flush on your cheeks. The angled profile has been specially developed for the shape of the cheekbone, making the brush ideal for contouring. Can also be used as a highlighter brush.

      Durable brush for liquid and cream make-up

      Need a make-up brush for your liquid highlighter, blush or bronzer? This one soft stippling brush has two layers of bristles; the longer, top bristles help pick up the makeup, while the bottom, densely packed bristles apply the product evenly to your skin. This variant can therefore also be used as durable foundation brush.

      Durable Kabuki brush

      Our Kabuki brush is 7,5 centimeters and perfect for applying all powdered make-up products on the face, décolleté and body. The Kabuki brush can also be used on bronzer to shade the hairline or cheekbones. We also offer the retractable Kabuki brush.

      Durable lip brush

      This durable lip brush has a short, firm and narrow tip that spreads your lipstick and lip gloss beautifully. The hairs of it lip brush are soft, elastic and follow the shape of the lips. The lip brush has a metal sleeve so that it remains hygienic and does not stain your bag.

      How do I use make up brushes?

      How you use the durable brushes depends on the type of make-up. We have six different types of bamboo make-up brushes in our range for all your make-up. Is your makeup powder or liquid? Do you want to contour or blend? Per make-up brush you will find an explanation of how you can best use the brush and for which make-up it is suitable. Do what you feel comfortable with or what gives a nice result on your skin. 

      Make sure you keep the durable make-up brushes clean. This way you prevent the brushes from collecting residues from the make-up products. This can irritate your skin or clog pores. You can prevent this by regular and good cleaning. Read more about how to best clean and keep your make-up brushes here.