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How do you treat a dry skin in a natural way?

Regular and thorough care of the dry skin is important to keep the skin surface supple, smooth and elastic. The top layer of a dry skin type often does not work optimally and it needs support from cosmetics that contain moisturizing ingredients as well as fatty acids.

Natural and Organic facial care for dry skin helps both one dry skin like a extremely dry skin to maintain its function, to protect the lower layers of the skin and to look beautiful and radiant. The natural facial care products from Flow Cosmetics contain no drying ingredients but are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and berry oil from wild grown and organic arctic berries - just what dry skin needs. 

On this page we have collected all products that are suitable for the natural and organic facial care for dry skin and a couple tips for dry skin.

Natural facial care for dry skin

Proper care is important for every skin type, but failure to treat dry skin properly can lead to skin infections and premature skin aging. If you are interested in anti-aging skin care please also read: The importance of natural anti-aging skin care. When choosing products for dry skin, it is important to check the ingredients of all products in your routine to ensure long-lasting and desired results.

Cleaning; the best products are mild and milky cleaners that do not contain alcohol. Like the moisturizing Honey Milk - Luxury facial cleanser of Balm to Milk Cleanser - Mild facial cleanser. Both products contain moisturizing ingredients as well as essential fatty acids, they thoroughly cleanse the skin and leave it nourished. This ensures radiant skin.

Facial spray for hydration; the classic Rose Floral Water Facial Mist - Luxury toner has skin-strengthening, antioxidant and moisturizing properties, especially the dry skin benefits from it. Spray rose water on the skin and décolleté after cleansing, before facial oil and serum. If you have a extremely dry skin you can gently press the facial spray onto the skin to make it absorb even better.

Facial oil & serum; are the most important steps in organic facial care for dry skin. Facial oils and serums should be used together because facial oil contains important fatty acids and has a moisturizing effect on the serum. Together they have a protective effect, restore vitality, increase elasticity and lock moisture in the skin. For example the Hyaluronic Acid & Probiotics Serum and Arctic Beauty Oil Pack. This is an intensive moisturizing treatment, suitable for even extremely dry skin.

Tips for dry skin; did you know that the make-up you use can also dry out your skin? Many people wear make-up on a daily basis, so it is important to choose consciously here too. Have you heard of Korento Cosmetics? Complete natural and organic make-up with skin care properties. Read more about the importance of skin care make-up.

What to do with a extremely dry skin?

If you get the facial care before extremely dry skin To optimize, in addition to the right skin care products, you should also be careful not to use a coarse peeling or scrub. Fruit acid peels such as Lingonberry Bright 2: 1 - Brightening fruit acid mask work better. Reduce sun exposure and make sure to use sunscreen. A dry skin should not be washed with too much water - this means shorter showers. With these tips, you can optimize your skin care routine for (extremely) dry skin

On this page you can find products from Flow Cosmetics that are suitable for use as facial care for dry skin. In the most natural and sustainable way.