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      Natural deodorant that keeps you fresh all day

      At Flow Cosmetics we have developed our formulas with 15 years of experience. The complete natural deodorants are organic and vegan, without aluminum or plastic. They let your skin breathe while keeping you fresh all day long. Pleasantly scented essential oils, baking soda and organic rice powder protect against sweat odors - always and everywhere.

      The best deodorant without aluminum or plastic

      Traditional deodorants contain aluminum. This ensures that sweating is less, but waste products can not leave the body. The deodorant without aluminum let your armpits breathe but never stop sweating. The effect of a natural deodorant is that the sweat odor is omitted. If you are looking for an effective product for this, you should take a look at our natural deodorant cream -marigold.

      Marigold was designed based on the customer feedback we received. This completely natural deodorant is vegan and works through fine baking soda and a mixture of antimicrobial essential oils. Marigold is certainly an option for those looking for an effective deodorant, such as active people, athletes and young people. 

      If you like one natural deodorant without aluminum but your skin is not resistant to baking soda, you can use our natural deodorant cream - Hfake  give it a try. This product has been specially developed for the needs of sensitive skin. The added Finnish hemp oil soothes and reduces skin irritations and rashes. Antiseptic essential oils and coconut oil prevent the smell of sweat and organic rice powder keeps the armpits dry. 

      Nnatural deodorant how to use

      Flow Cosmetics products are easy to use, the spreadable deos do not stain clothing and one pot lasts a long time. The product is made in such a way that it does not melt even in hot weather. 

      Warm a small amount of the product between your hands and apply it directly to clean armpits. Llet the deorant cream withdraw before you get dressed.

      Tip: If you want to enhance the performance of the natural deodorant, wash your armpits regularly with natural soap of Detox soap. Salt and activated carbon in these products neutralize the skin and remove bacteria from the skin, allowing the deodorant to do its job better. 

      This is also a good way for those who have just started using one deodorant without aluminum. When you switch your product to a natural your body starts to detox from aluminum salts and you can start to sweat more in the first weeks. This is normal and will pass.