Combined skin


      Natural care for the combined skin

      Combination skin is a very common skin type that must be treated carefully and correctly. The mixed skin often has an oily T-zone, which can cause blemishes to appear on the forehead, nose and chin. Flow Cosmetics has a great range for the needs of mixed skin. The organic products are based on nourishing, vitamin and antioxidant-rich plant ingredients that deeply care for the condition of the skin. Our products have a long-lasting effect, to improve the skin structure, not just to make it look better.

      Combination skin routine - changing your skin

      In the natural treatment of a combined skin it is important to think about what your skin really needs. The best products for combination skin gently cleanse the skin, do not contain ingredients that clog pores and prevent the formation of impurities - and they nourish the skin. High-quality natural day cream for combination skin completes the grooming routine, but you may have to choose two different ones. This way you can choose and possibly combine the right products for the morning and evening.

      On this page you will find the best combination skin products from Flow Cosmetics for a complete skin care routine for combination skin, in the most natural and sustainable way.

      Cleaner; combination skin benefits from gentle cleansers that do not dry out the skin. The soft, non-foaming, Balm to Milk Cleanser - Mild facial cleansing cleans the skin thoroughly. This keeps combination skin soft and non-pulling, even when the surface of the skin is dry.

      Facial spray; flower water-based face sprays bring more moisture to the skin and help other care products absorb into the skin better. lavender toner soothes combination skin and balances sebum production in problem areas. Use for the day cream for combination skin.

      Serum; adding serum to your day cream for combination skin can be useful for combination skin. For example, do you want to add extra hydration or anti-aging properties during the winter? Then the Hyaluronic acid serum - Hyaluron & Probiotics serum a perfect addition. 

      cream and moisturizer; Combination skin has different needs. Part of the skin quickly becomes oily, part is dry. That is why this skin type needs a balancing cream. Choose Bilberry Moisturizing Cream of Retinol Cream in your morning routine. These organic creams are designed to care for the skin and protect it from impurities. Both are also suitable under make-up and do not leave the skin feeling greasy. If necessary, use natural eye cream, which intensively cares for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

      Facial oil; Combination skin loves certain facial oils. Oils provide occlusion: they help lock in the moisture that is already present in the skin. They also contain essential fatty acids, balance the skin's sebum production and help keep the skin elastic, while removing and preventing impurities, blemishes and oiliness. Combination skin benefits from facial oil, especially in the evening. This way the product has time to absorb well into the skin during the night. Dry Oil Detox of Rosehip oil are the best for combination skin.

      Regular mask or peeling; soft masks cleanse and brighten the skin. The best products for combination skin are Fruit acid mask Lingonberry Bright, which combines the effectiveness of enzymatic peeling with care. You can also use the deep cleansing, but moisturizing detox mask 3 in 1 - Cleansing & exfoliating mask to use. Apply the detox mask only to the problem areas of combination skin. Use the mask once a week for best results. Prefer no peeling mask? Then try Aha & Bha Peeling Serum.

      The best natural products for combination skin

      In addition to the best natural products for combination skin use, it is also smart to keep an eye on your make-up products. Many wear make-up on a daily basis and this can affect the condition of the skin as not all products allow the skin to breathe. View Korento Cosmetics, natural make-up with skin care properties. Korento products are rich in pigments. The opaque formulas do not cause skin irritation and do not clog pores.

      On this page you can find products from Flow Cosmetics that are suitable for combined skin and mixed skin. In the most natural and sustainable way.