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Natural and organic cosmetics

Our range contains 101 beautiful and natural and organic products with a beautiful and long-lasting effect. At Flow you will find the basic care products, such as shampoo bars and body butters, and also a really professional, organic and natural make-up line - The production of our natural make-up varies in shades from light to dark, and from cool to warm skin tones.

Flow produces 100% sustainable and organic products without annoying chemicals or preservatives.

A full range with a spirit for sustainable, pure, handmade, professional and naturally free of animal suffering. Our values ​​in flow are as sustainable as possible. We try to make every part as safe as possible for you and our planet. The packaging is recyclable or has already been recycled. And we try to improve even more every day.

Are you vegan?

Always take a good look at the descriptions. Not all our products are vegan. This is always clearly stated.

Shampoo bar or aromatherapy?

Our range is wide and you really can't choose now? Maybe it helps if we tell you what our best-selling products are: Minory makeup Ivory, 100% organic shea butter, hemp and peat shampoo bar and organic flower water Rose.

Do you still have doubts? You can always contact us via our chat function, or send us an email at customer