aromatherapy is the foundation of our products

      Flow Cosmetics products are made with love for aromatherapy, something that our founder Riitta is passionate about. Flow's products are enriched with luxurious and organic essential oils that contain the most moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging properties. Together with carefully selected organic and natural ingredients, the products make the skin glow - and bring one holistic effect in our Skincare

      De holistic skin care treats body and mind, allowing them to work together harmoniously. There are aromatherapy products in each product category, for example at natural body scrubs en natural facial oils

      Holistic skin care with aromatherapy products

      Authentic holistic skin care is carefully formulated to support the mind and body. It is also made with the purest ingredients possible. All our products must meet these criteria. They provide holistic and positive energy because we want them to support your general well-being and strengthen your own life energy. The products contain in addition essential oils also healing gems, because we want our products to be more than high-quality skin care. By using Flow Cosmetics you can experience holistic effects in your entire appearance.

      What is aromatherapy

      aromatherapy is an age-old valuable way to improve well-being. It is based on the use of essential oil of herbs, flowers and other plant parts. Those plants are processed by extraction, steam distillation and pressing to preserve all the valuable parts that these plants contain. Ultimately, these oils are used for example for massage, bathing, steam inhalation or with skin care.

      Using essential oils as part of aromatherapy works in the following way: it must be pure and unaltered plants of one species, not diluted or expanded. Only essential oil produced by mechanical treatment is by definition approved for therapeutic use. The essential oils Flow Cosmetics meet these criteria. For example, if you cannot use aromatherapeutic products due to allergy, our range also includes fragrance-free, vegan and organic products, such as cold-pressed and odorless Argan oil or skin repairing Rosehip oil