How do you treat dry hair? The best tips!

Products for dry hair often make the problem worse. This is because most products in the store, sometimes even at the hairdresser's, contain aggressive and synthetic ingredients. This temporarily makes it appear less dry, but your hair will eventually only become drier in the long term. Dry hair is therefore only treated with 100% natural products.
We are often asked what you can do against dry hair and what are the best products to treat damaged hair. Is your hair dry, lifeless, dull or damaged? Don't worry, you no longer have to sit with your hands in your hair! Read on quickly for causes of dry hair, the best tips and products to treat dry hair.

Super dry hair?

If your hair is super dry, it must also be fluffy and your ends have split. This makes your hair more difficult to style and does not look beautiful. Wearing your hair in a bun is a solution, but you prefer to let your locks go naturally. There are several causes for dry hair. First, you can look at your parents for this, because the quality of your hair is determined by your genes. Fortunately, there is something to be done about dry hair! Are you blessed with a lot of curls? Then you also suffer from super dry hair more quickly. For this, the natural curly girl method .

Dry hair by dyeing, drying, curling and styling

Another major cause of dry hair are chemical treatments such as to paint. We understand that a dyed haircut makes you happy, but it makes your hair extremely dry! Bleaching your hair in particular is very harmful. This is certainly not advisable for dry and thin hair. So, paint your hair as little as possible or prefer a natural look. If you do opt for dye in your hair, make sure that you take extra care afterwards.
The heat from the hair dryer, curling iron or straightener ensures that dry hair breaks down faster. Even if you protect your hair with special products. Our advice is really to do this as little as possible. After washing, pat your hair dry with a towel that absorbs moisture well and let the air do its work. If you want a blow to your hair, go to sleep with a bun or braid, for example.

Always use a natural shampoo and conditioner against dry hair

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to treat your hair with natural products. A regular shampoo removes the natural oil from your scalp. While this actually works as a protective mechanism and prevents your hair from getting dry. Our shampoo bars are free of sulfates, silicones, palm oil, preservatives and synthetic perfumes. Shampoo bar Coconut Milk en Marigold are perfectly suited for dry hair. These shampoos retain the natural moisture in your hair and give it a healthy shine.
Repair dry hair
To make your hair easy to comb and nice and smooth, it is best to use a natural conditioner as a soap bar. In our Conditioner bar Hemp contains pure, nutritious and caring ingredients, such as Hemp seed oil, Coconut and Argan oil. Also the organic ones Wild Nettle rinse is a great choice for dry hair and scalp. You can't get a conditioner more natural, effective and healthier!

Natural care products for dry hair

For that little bit of extra care and shine, use care products such as hair oil or a mask. Coconut oil is very suitable as a natural remedy for dry hair. Especially if it is incorporated into a hair mask with supporting natural and effective ingredients. For example, use the creamy one once a week natural hair mask Coconut Milk. This is an intensively nourishing, natural hair mask especially suitable for damaged and dry hair. The added organic coconut milk, coconut oil and argan oil are rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. This will quickly get rid of your dry hair.

Dry hair mask

Olive oil also helps against dry hair, but has the disadvantage that your hair becomes heavy and hangs. It is therefore better to use an airy oil, such as organic Argan oil. Nutrients in organic argan oil, such as essential fatty acids, condition and moisturize your dry hair. In addition, it reduces hair breakage and elasticity is maintained.

Dry her olive oil

The best tips against dry hair

In addition to the right natural products, the following tips also help to prevent and remedy dry hair:

1. Postpone your wash

Wash your hair as little as possible. It takes some getting used to, but you will see that your hair becomes less greasy over time. If you still want to wash your hair, do this with lukewarm water and a organic shampoo bar. A vinegar hair rinse for dry hair it is also suitable as a mild cleansing in between as a replacement for shampooing.

2. Sun and solarium

Sunlight and UV light from the tanning bed dry out the hair considerably. When you sunbathe protect her well. Cover your hair with a cap or scarf, for example. You can also fine one organic shea butter use to restore the ends of dry hair.

3. Combing

Do not comb your hair properly until it is dry. When you brush wet hair vigorously, it breaks down faster. Use a wooden natural hairbrush for combing. Natural materials prevent unnecessary damage to the dry hair. Massage the scalp while brushing. This stimulates blood circulation and the production of natural fats.

4. As inside, so outside

Your lifestyle and diet have an effect on your skin and therefore also on your dry hair. Eat a balanced diet and make sure you have enough vitamins and anti-oxidants. Vitamin A in particular seems to be good for the condition of your dry hair.

5. Paints

Choose a method such as high/lowlights or balayage. This allows you to only paint parts of your hair and makes regrowth less noticeable. This means you don't have to repaint as quickly. With a vinegar rinse you are guaranteed to enjoy the color and shine in your hair for longer.

6. Sleeping

Don't go to sleep with wet hair. Your hair dries out faster when it stays damp for a long time. Also, make sure you don't rub hair on your pillow. For example, you can put in a braid or use a satin cover.