What skin type do I have?

What skin type do I have

De question; "which skin type heb I?" is de first can je yourself must questions om te
know Welke biological skincare at yo about this de Best results cares.
What are de various types en how can je je skin type know? Na the
read of this information know je exactly which skin type je have. Also only je
see Welke facial care the best at your kind skin perfectly om this
healthy en radiant te to keep!

Why is it important to find out what skin type you have?

Although join our assortment fit is about this everybody, are er products en
routines special about this de specific skin types. By here eight te come, only
je de right care products choose about this your skin. This is namely
important about this the conservation en recovery of de natural skin barrierèking. Has For example, does your skin type need extra hydration, deep cleansing or a protective layer? Organic facial care appropriate to the type
skin needs ensures the most effective and optimal results!

How do I know what type of skin I have?

The kind skin is determined by de symptoms; ie how behaves de
skin himself? Om te know which kind skin je have, look je to outer
characteristics as firmness, shine, unevenness en de size of je poriën.
Which skin type heb I? Below de five types skin types with de
main specific characteristics to which je this can recognize.

5 kinds of skin types

1. Normal skin
This skin type feels soft, supple and has an even matte shine without
blockages or blackheads. Are you lucky enough to have a normal skin type?
View all organic here products for normal skin.
These products ensure that your skin is in good condition
and prevent moisture loss.

 2. drug skin
A dry skin type heeft not vette areas, small poriën en can once in a while
tight feel. De skin heeft little shine en once in a while origins flakes
because er te little know is created. A drug skin heeft need
at rich, full ingredients that protect the natural skin barrier and
to recover. View the here best natural products for dry skin

3. Oily skin
A fat skin is the opposite of dry skin. This one is correct
shiny areas that feel greasy. The pores in this skin type are
clearly visible and you quickly suffer from irregularities. The best products
for oily skin make the skin more even, reduce coarse pores and bring
the skin in balance, which reduces pimples and pimples.

4. Combination skin
Many people have combination skin. Often the parts of the
T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) oilier than the rest of your face. The other
parts may even be dry. Do you have skin with both oily and dry
areas? View all care products for the here combined

5. Sensitive skin
Sensitive skin reacts quickly to external factors such as
weather changes and cosmetics products. This skin is often red with
spots or chips. Sensitive skin is usually also dry skin. For
this skin type it is very important overtreatment ́with aggressive
avoid ingredients. Do you have a sensitive skin type? View the here
mild and organic care that is perfectly suited for the sensitive skin

Skin type and skin condition

Verschil between skin type en skin condition

Card said; je skin type is mainly genetically certain, skin condition only
je improve by a healthier levensstijl en de right care products. Examples of factors can je skin condition beïinfluences are age, hormones, stress, Sun, nutrition, disease en weather conditions. Thereby can not be purchased de various skin conditions at  skin types appearance. 

Good example: a common skin condition is dehydrated skin.
Many different skin types suffer from this! Not just the dry or
sensitive skin but also oily skin. Because when it has too little moisture
gets, it will produce more sebum on its own. This again leads to a greasy
skin and blockages that can cause pimples and pimples. So there is
a difference between dry skin with a lack of fat (skin type) and a
dehydrated skin (skin condition), which can feel dry and oily at the same time.
In addition, skin that has too little moisture is more sensitive wrinkles en
lines. That is why our products have a moisturizing effect, so that the moisture is well locked in the skin, without damaging the skin
clog pores (non-comedogenic)

De high-quality biological ingredientënth in our natural skin care,
are fits in tune op de various skin needs. Ze hydrate,
to feed, produce en to protect. beside from Belas we je facial skin did not
redundant with rubbish en is our cosmetics free from parabens and sulphates.

Skin problems en skin types

Depending on your skin type and condition along with internal and external factors, you can
you suffer from certain skin problems. These are sometimes too
classified by skin type, such as:

The above skin problems can occur with any type of skin and
can be treated well with appropriate care products.

Cleanse, hydrate, care, repair and protect. Where has
your skin type needs the most?

All organic and natural skin care from Flow Cosmetics consists of
high quality and pure ingredients. For the most effective care and
protection for every skin type!

Also de men's skin Kent this various skin types. watch here natural facial care men


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