Natural treatment of perioral dermatitis

Treatment of perioral dermatitis

What is the best natural treatment for perioral dermatitis? This form of eczema around the mouth is also called clown eczema. If you suffer from this rash around the mouth, you probably want to know; how do i get rid of it?? And we get that! Below you can read what you can do against clown eczema. We also explain why a natural treatment for dermatitis perioralis is so important.

Cause and Symptoms

Perioral dermatitis is a skin problem that seems to be becoming more common. Although the exact cause has not yet been determined, 'overtreatment' seems to be the main cause. Factors such as hormones and stress also play a role.

What does perioral dermatitis look like? If you suffer from this type of eczema, you will notice the following symptoms around the mouth:

  • Red spots and spots;
  • red bumps;
  • Itchy and irritated skin;
  • flakes;
  • Burning feeling;
  • Sometimes painful skin.

Ask yourself “how do I know if I have clown eczema?” or want more information about how dermatitis perioral actually occurs? Then read the article: What is Clown Eczema (Perioral Dermatitis)?

Ask yourself: what to do against perioral dermatitis? Then read on quickly!

What can you do about perioral dermatitis (clown eczema)

The solution to perioral dermatitis lies with the cause. This type of eczema around the mouth is usually caused by using products that contain corticosteroids (adrenal cortex hormones). This is contradictory because hormone ointment is used in the treatment of eczema. But the facial skin can react very sensitively to this. The more potent the corticosteroid, the greater the chance of provoking perioral dermatitis. Cosmetics can also play a role in the development of clown eczema. Such as (aggressive) face creams, cleansers or oily products that clog the skin. But make-up such as foundation or powder can also trigger or worsen dermatitis perioralis.

So: if you suffer from perioral dermatitis, it may be wise to stop using any cream or make-up for a few weeks! It may be that the complaints worsen first, this is very annoying but normal. Hold on for a while and do nothing about it, the result will soon decrease again.

What does NOT help?

To know what you can do yourself against perioral dermatitis, it is useful to know what does not help.

  • Warm or hot water
    Water dries out the skin. Something that you want to prevent with dermatitis perioral, but also with atopic skin
  • Thick closing cream
    Even though one can natural remedy for eczema in the form of a greasy cream are very useful to keep the dryness under control... The advice in case of dermatitis perioralis is not to do that. In any case, stop (or reduce) the use of hormone ointment on the face.
  • Too much sunlight
    Some dermatologists suspect that sunlight makes clown eczema worse, as it does with rosacea.
  • Makeup that clogs the pores
    Most makeup clogs pores. Therefore choose natural non-comodogenic makeup. Rather use as little concealer as possible. If you do, choose the best natural foundation.

Why is a natural treatment so important?

Our skin is provided with a protective layer by Mother Nature. For example, it provides hydration to the skin and at the same time stops harmful substances. In skin conditions such as clown eczema, this protective layer (the epidermis) is damaged. It is therefore important to restore the skin balance as quickly as possible.

That is why a natural treatment with mild products is so important. In severe cases, it can be helpful to consult your doctor local antibiotics to use. And even then it is important to only use mild and effective organic facial care to use. It respects the skin's natural barrier and keeps it intact.

This is how you treat perioral dermatitis in a natural way

An important rule of thumb for perioral dermatitis is 'less is more'. This means that you minimize and simplify your skin care as much as possible. Opt for mild and soothing ingredients that don't seal the skin. The fewer ingredients a remedy for clown eczema contains, the better.

Therefore, use simple but effective facial care that does not affect the natural skin barrier and helps to improve it. Well-known calming and gentle ingredients are, for example, chamomile, rose and argan oil. In addition, probiotics strengthen the natural protective mechanism of the skin.

Only clean your face in the evening with water and a mild facial cleanser. At night, a valuable acid mantle is naturally formed on the skin's surface. Cleaning too often can lead to breakdown of this acid mantle. And that in turn leads to increased sensitivity, inflammation and irritation. Only use a in the morning natural face mist to refresh your skin.

Download this PDF to know step by step how to tackle clown eczema.

Natural treatment of perioral dermatitis


Products against perioral dermatitis

The range of Flow Cosmetics contains a number of products that can reduce and relieve dermatitis perioralis. All the products that you will find in the treatment of the aforementioned link are rich in soothing and gentle ingredients. So that your skin gets the right nutrients to repair itself.

Which products for perioral dermatitis? These are the products that help with clown eczema:

When you want to use make-up, choose simple products that do not irritate the skin or contain too many ingredients, such as mineral powder: Perfecting Mineral Base. 

Questions about how and with what best to treat perioral dermatitis or other types of eczema, as eczema in face to treat? Feel free to contact our organic beauty professionals, we are happy to help you!  

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