Is soap good or bad for your skin?

Natural soap

Is soap good or bad for your skin? And can you also wash your face with soap? The answer is yes! Provided you use the right soap for your skin. This is very important. The right and natural soap is even suitable for dry skin or acne. We tell you why, how and which soap you can use.

It's a frequently asked question; does soap dry out your skin? It is often said that soap is not good for your skin and that you should not wash your face with it. Soap is said to dry out the skin. That is certainly true when it comes to 'regular' soap. This is too aggressive for your skin. The skin on your hands is a lot thicker than that on your face. Especially in this corona time when you often wash your hands, it is even better not to do this with regular soap.

Why does regular soap dry out your skin?

Cleaning your body and face is an important part of healthy and beautiful skin. Almost all soaps have a PH value that is too high compared to our natural value. This is due to an alkaline substance that is used to bind the ingredients in the soap. Lately you see more and more soaps without 'soap', so that the PH value is (more) neutral. However, these types of soap use synthetic substances that can also irritate or dry out the skin.
The bottom line is that you do not want to affect the natural layer of your skin. They call this layer a hydrolipid film and protects your skin in a natural way against harmful external influences. In addition, there are also microbiotics on your (facial) skin. These are tiny organisms that live on your skin surface and protect against bad bacteria.

Soap that you can use to wash your body and face

There are different kinds soap for sale. The best soap to cleanse your skin is mild in the first place and only removes the excess dirt residue that your skin doesn't need for protection. There is also natural soap with moisturizing and caring properties. These are organic, cold-processed soaps that release a lot of soft creamy foam.
De natural soaps from Flow are so caring and gentle on the skin that you can safely use them on your face. They are very good for your skin because these soaps contain extra 'free' oil and thus not only cleanse but also moisturize and care for your face. The facial skin in particular needs extra moisture, an ideal facial cleanser is therefore our natural one super soft honey milk soap. This soap contains valuable raw honey and refined organic oils such as jojobaoil and arctic lingoberry seed oil. Even suitable for the most dry and sensitive skin!
Natural soap for your face

How often can you wash your face with soap?

Scrub and scrub again, we love it. Did you know that washing too often doesn't make your skin any better? On the contrary! Never wash your face more than twice a day! The most important time to cleanse your skin is after exercise and at night before going to sleep. Especially if you use makeup. You can also use an organic muslin cloth use together with Honey Milk. Only use a soft and mild natural soap with nourishing properties that suit your skin type. If your skin is sensitive, you can also just use something in the morning rose water spray in your face. Then lubricate your skin with a nourishing cream or oil.

Soap against impurities such as blemishes and blemishes

You can also use a soap for oily or impure skin. For this we recommend detox soap with tea tree On. Blemished skin that suffers from acne, pimples or pimples is by definition irritated skin. You should certainly not wash these with aggressive cleansers, otherwise your skin surface will become even more unbalanced. This exacerbates the problems in the long run. Detox soap is made with gentle organic oils and herbs that are effective for improving blemished skin. For example, such as natural salicylates that deeply cleanse the pores without damaging the skin. Read more about Detox soap and here natural acne products.
Antiseptic tea tree oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Added active charcoal absorbs impurities from the skin, leaving it smooth and cared for.
natural soap against acne

The best natural soap for your skin

All natural soaps from Flow Cosmetics are made in the most sustainable way possible, with respect for nature and aimed at preserving biodiversity. All our soaps are sulfate-free, plastic-free and biodegradable. They are processed cold, so the natural active ingredients are optimally preserved. The added herbs, berries, clays and salts distinguish our handmade soaps from those of industrial producers.
And last but not least; do not wash with water that is too warm and keep the soap in an airy place or in an airy place after use bamboo soap dish. Bamboo is a naturally antibacterial material, so you don't have to worry about keeping the soap clean. This way you keep the soap good and you can use it for a long time.
This way washing your body and face with soap is only positive for your skin!


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