We call it Ecoluxe

There are brands that make luxury products, but they are not good for the environment. In addition, there are brands that sell responsible products, which do not feel very luxurious and beneficial. At Flow we believe that we have found the best of both. We call it Ecoluxe.

Contemporary luxury does not spoil the ego, but the soul. The new luxury returns to quality products that embrace the natural environment. Not flashy, but focused on the subtle details. Luxury does not refer to an expensive product, but to something precious and valuable. In our modern times, luxury is about the environment, ecology and sustainability.

We take every possible step to reduce our carbon footprint. By using products that are ecoluxe, you help create a better environment and a sustainable world.
What does ecoluxe mean to us?

For us, ecoluxe revolves around the following values:

High-quality and safe natural, organic and wild-grown ingredients form the basis of our products. We only use certified ingredients that are allowed in Clean Beauty.

Both the products and the ingredients are not tested on animals. Not now, not ever.

We openly talk about the ingredients we use, as well as our production.

We use only the best ingredients and make the most effective products from it. Our goal is that they are even suitable for professional use.

We are aware of our responsibility to the earth, to our customers and to ourselves. We stand for sustainability and keep clean ingredients, recyclable packaging, a zero waste mindset and a green stock. We like to work with delivery companies that are aware of nature, which is why we always opt for road transport. We are not just talking about sustainability: we follow our heart and you will see our values ​​in our actions.

We are curious what ecoluxe means to you?

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